Another Red Lion 2 June 2015

Twas a windy day in the British Isles and Boston was no exception. It came as no surprise to find that there were only three hardy souls prepared to risk it ( including yours truly).

P1000183Just for a change I decided that we would leave Boston by a different route to the usual, via Eastwood Road, this left us with the risk of ending up on what could be the worst road in Lincolnshire, the A52 to Skegness, at no point between Boston and Skegness does the speed limit get above 50mph, and in the main drivers in this area like to have 10 or so mph in hand, still thanks to modern technology, computers and GPS on my phone this was avoided. We did of course with my leadership get off track on a couple of occasions and find ourselves on a couple of Goodgeresque roads.

We did arrive at another Red Lion, in East Kirkby as it happens, and my fellow travellers pronounced themselves well satisfied with the route. It was of course pointed out to me that I could well be in line for the trophy for the longest advance warning of a change of direction.

The Red Lion at East Kirkby for those who may be interested serve some locally produced beer, from Horncastle Ales of Horncastle, as well as the well known Batemans. The Midnight Tempter a dark ale was worth the trip, I am assured that the other offering from Horncastle Ales, Lillith’s Lust, was equally good.