Another Red Lion run

Led by yours truly on a day, that to be kind was changeable, the weather that is, sun, hail, rain and snow, all were to be experienced before the end of the day. Five hardy souls showed for this run to find another Red Lion public house that was open. Prior to the run I had planned a route around the Wolds that included some of my favourite roads, on a test ride I established that it would take over 1.5hrs, possibly a bit long given the weather, so some of the roads were cut on the evening, leaving one of the shorter runs we have done, about 50 minutes I believe. The roads were damp and greasy, which added to the entertainment, I had the rear wheel slide a couple of times once resulting in a foot going out in case… Phil had a skittish moment or too as well. The original destination the Red Lion at Partney was closed so we aimed for the Red Lion in Spilsby, where the AJS and Matchless club were meeting. A pleasant evening was passed a pint and kebab almost made getting soaked through on the way home worth it, almost.