April 2014

We have had some glorious spring sunshine of late (March had only half the rain we normally get for this time of the year) but as I type this we are enveloped in a cloud of Saharan dust and a mixture of pollution from the UK and continent. The Government has already imposed a speed limit on a road in the name of reducing emissions and we are just about to get slapped in the mush by the EU for failing to reach emission targets so don’t be surprised if more reductions in speeds limits are on the cards. All this comes just after a Dutch study has shown that accidents went down when they raised the speed limit on a section of motorway. Just when you think some common sense is about to prevail………

We have had some very successful nights at the Hammer and Pincers recently. Someone did tell me who won the Cadwell Races and in a spectacularly short lap time too, but I can’t remember – I will instruct my secretary to contact the organisers. In the meantime I can confirm that the BBQ was very well supported with, I’m told, in excess of 30 people present – not bad for a chilly night. Thanks to Paul for doing the BBQ and Sandra for taking the memberships.

Another success was the regularity ride. I was a little concerned when, on one participant’s return, they mentioned a railway crossing and a pub, because there were no railway crossings or pubs on the route. For the second time in 3 years the rider with the closest average speed to the target (27mph) was Kev, who was about a tenth of a mph adrift. In fact 2 riders got to within less than 1 mph.

It looks like there are going to be some midweek rides out soon but you will have to follow our website or Facebook pages for details at the moment.

The secretary has just returned. Dave and Gail won the quiz and Ricardo raced round Cadwell in record time (around 12 seconds) beating Mr Taylor by about two tenths of a second. The excitement must have been almost unbearable………


We need some commitment folks. There’s a distinct lack of volunteers for marshalling. No marshals, no Bike Night, it’s as simple as that, so please contact Dave Simpson or Richard White (at a meeting or by phone or smoke signals or telepathy (perhaps not telepathy, some folks seem to think that’s how it happens already……).