April 2016

From the New Editor
The club, yes that is you and I, owe a debt of gratitude to Andy and his proof reader Jane for the production of 250 news letters, this is no mean feat, 10 a year for 25 years.
This is a level of commitment that I have no hope of living up to, I would have to live to be considerably more ancient than I am now. Thank you Andy.
As this is a club news letter I for my part will endeavour to report past events and advise you of future events that I believe will be of interest to you. I shall be expecting contributions from you, as after all this is a club news letter that is about you and your views not just me and mine. If you are aware of an event that may be of interest to the members of this club please let me know, I shall add it to the news letter and the web site. If you lead a run or organise an event please jot a few words down for inclusion in the news letter and forward them to me. If you have a point to make, a gripe or indeed some thing has made you happy, that can be put in to print, again let me know.
I can be contacted by phone, by email editor@boston-motorcycle-riders-association.co.uk or even face to face at club meetings and rides out.
So for this first news letter edited by yours truly my thanks go to DaveT for his contributions and my sympathy to the family of Dave Rogers.

Dave Rogers
BMRA founder member Dave Rogers passed away on Tuesday 22nd March.
Without Dave sending out a letter to numerous Boston bikers 26 years ago inviting us to come together to form a new club, we would not be here today, there would be no Boston Motorcycle Riders, no Boston Bike Night, and many of us would not have met some of the people that are now amongst our best friends.
Our deepest sympathy is extended to Dave’s family at this difficult time.

Bring Your own Questions Quiz
Twelve people in total turned up, six of them bearing four questions each. Dave Goodger started with his questions followed by Caz, Paul Taylor, Dave Tuley, Jane and finally Jo Goslow.
The questions were on the whole pretty tough, ranging from the Album charts to History, Geography, motorcycling and some particularly obscure ones from Dave Tuley including calculating the volume of a hemispherical combustion chamber, easy if you’re good at maths but only if you could remember the formula for a hemisphere is 2/3 π r3!
Out of a possible 20 the highest score was 7, which three people managed, namely Caz, Paul Taylor and Dave Tuley, they all received a trophy which stated they were runner up in the 4th division of Boston District Table Tennis League! So the trophies were even more obscure than some of the questions.

Regularity Trial.
Eleven members turned up for the annual regularity trial. This event is usually organized by Caz, who wasn’t available so Dave Tuley stepped in.
Riders are timed over a predetermined course and have to average a set speed over the distance.
The course consisted of turning left out of the Hammer and Pincers taking the second exit from the roundabout and then immediately right onto Old Hammond Beck Rd, left onto Fen Rd, next right onto Silvertoft Lane, right again onto Holmes Lane to the Four Cross Roads, then right to return to the Hammer and Pincers via the A52. Dave Tuley rode the route and set the standard time which equated to an average of 32 mph.
Eight riders then tried to ride the same route as close to the 32mph average as they could.
One rider who shall remain nameless managed to go via Kirton End! Everyone else managed to follow the route and were timed out and back in at the Hammer and Pincers by Dave Tuley who then worked out the average speeds.
Most riders were very close, ranging from 28 to 33 mph, Mick Andrews forgot the “it’s not a race” rule and managed to average 43.2 mph!
The final result was so close many decimal places were required to split second and first. Kev Copeland was within 2 seconds of standard time but was pipped to the post by Glen Taylor who was within 1 second. Well done Glen!

Membership Renewals Night
The barbecue that normally accompanies the renewals night was rained off, which for those who recall last year and previous years, will know that it takes more than a bit of drizzle to stop Paul getting the charcoal burning and the burgers sizzling. It was proper wet as they say. Paul and Sandra will be consuming a serious amount of fried onions in the coming week.
Twenty one people signed up for yet another year of fun and frivolity, oh and some bike related stuff. We have two new members, so lets welcome Duane and Ricky look forward to seeing you on our rides out.
For those of you that did not make it to the renewals night and do not renew your membership in the coming month this will be the last news letter sent to you, so come on contact Sandra or come to one of the forth coming events and get your membership renewed.

Midweek run
It was a bright sunny Thursday morning when three intrepid travellers set off to find the Humber Bridge which according to our leader’s sat nav did not exist, the hunt was on. Dave S was the expedition leader Myself and AlanT followed. The weather was excellent, evidenced by AlanT being there. The route took us up the Caister High Street and a couple of new roads to me before we hit the A15 to cross the bridge, yes it did exist and could be crossed.
Coffee was had at the Humber Bridge country park, well warm dark liquid anyway, after a brief interlude we went down to the water front to get some photographic evidence of the trip, the pics can be seen on the club web site and facebook pages.
The route home included a hunt around Caister for the most expensive petrol in the county, we were successful, DaveS and AlanT were less than enamoured of the cost. Then via yet more new roads to me we headed for the Bluestone Heath road, then on to Woodhall Spar for a cream tea at the café in the woods, very civilised. Then Home a thoroughly excellent day.

First Tuesday Run of the Year
Tuesday 5th April is the first Tuesday run of the year, so get your bike out, dust it off and fuel it up ready for  the run to O.K. Diner  on the south bound side of the A1 at Colsterworth. We will be led by Andy. For this first run make an effort to be there.