April 2017

From the Editor

It has been suggested that the newsletter name should be changed, from The Bellmouth, which it was said a lot of people will not know or indeed recognise what one is. An alternative name floated was the Airbox, as we will all have an opinion please let me know your thoughts, maybe an alternative name or even keep the old one.

I have spent some time going through some old magazines, papers and even using that little used resource, my memory, so there follows some thoughts on a time 40 years ago. At the time I was a young serviceman stationed in Germany. My bike of the time was a Yamaha YAS1 a 125 2 stroke screamer, supposed to be able to get to 75mph though to be honest I never saw that, more like 65mph. I also had at that time a Motobecane moped, the less said the better.

1977, 40 years ago, ABBA spent 9 weeks at the top of the music charts, David Soul 7 weeks, Wings and Elvis 5 each, can you remember the records, were you even around or am I relating historical data?

The writing was on the wall for two strokes, emissions were starting to come to the fore, strangely in the USA, especially given their current views. In racing though, the winners were pretty much all on two strokes, 500cc Suzuki, 350 Yamaha, 250 a Morbidelli and 2 Harley Davidsons topped the tree, 125 Morbidelli and 50 Bultaco and Kreidler.

In 1977 a bike magazine compared a mid range 2 stroke Suzuki 380 and 4 stroke Honda 400/4, on reading the review, it appeared that there was little to choose between the two, the Suzuki was a more relaxed ride, the Honda was described as needing to be “driven hard and responds brilliantly but the rider is screwing it on all the time” as opposed to the Suzuki “The Suzuki has a natural high-speed gait, breathing like a ram-jet almost as if it had no moving parts.”. This is not how I remember two strokes from my youth, they always seemed to be screaming at high revs to get anywhere.

The Laverda Jota was reputed to be the fastest production road bike of the year, with a top speed of around 140mph, it even matched the Kawasaki 1000 for acceleration, but it was pricey, £2000, peanuts hey, but not in 1977. One road tester was happy not to own one as he feared for his licence, had he seen the current/new sentencing guidelines for speeding.

Advertising has changed as well as the prices, Highwayman would sell you a set of racing leathers or leather jacket and flared jeans ( yes flared) starting at around £50. that amount might get you a waterproof over suit now, a cheap one though. How the world has moved on.

National Rally

The club has for a number of years manned a check point at the Langrick Railway Cafe and is doing so again this year, this event starts on Saturday and finishes on Sunday morning, we always need people to help man the check point, If you can spare a few hours please contact Paul Taylor on 01205 722001.

Boston Bike Night

This years date is Thursday 6th July put it in your calender.

A plea for help, if you or someone you know is able to offer any help on the night, please contact any committee member, your help is needed to keep this event running smoothly.

Renewals Barbecue

As seems to be the tradition for this important event, the rains came down, yours truly who had decided to get the bike out for this occasion got somewhat damp. I along with a few others who were there early, sat looking out the windows of the Hammer and Pincers whilst cradling a drink, wondering if we were going to be rained off like last year. A break in the rain occurred and with little hesitation we were out there lighting the barbecue, or should I more accurately say Paul and Glen were. The rain held off for a couple of hours, more than long enough for us to sample worthwhile change.

31 members rejoined the club on the evening, well done folk the rest of you come on, get sorted.

Community Day

Boston from time to time has a display of clubs and organisations in the market place, the BMR attended the last one, on Friday 7th April. We erected the club stand and had some bikes and a display of pictures on the stand. During the day we had a good number of people come and talk to us. Al, Clive DaveS, Charles, Sandra and my self were in attendance Paul Arrived later to help strip the stand down at the end of the day. All in I think we may have raised the clubs profile a bit.