August 2014

No, you’ve not missed a newsletter. The one issued just before Boston Bike Night covered everything right up to Sunday 17th August. And what a Bike Night it was. If you went or helped you don’t need telling how good it was. If you didn’t go, well, you missed out on perhaps the biggest and best Boston Bike Night so far. It wouldn’t have been a success were it not for our volunteers: thank you all for helping to make it happen. The Bike Night was swiftly followed by the National Rally. Three plucky members took part this year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience – 540 miles and umpteen places they had never been to before from north to south, east to west. Well done, John, Kev and er… Kev’s boss!

It was 2nd time lucky for Ricado’s Red Lion run with fine weather which continued until the following week and the run to Mablethorpe with excellent fish and chips at the Dolphin chippy. A bit of drizzle didn’t dampen spirits for the Yorkshire Wolds Run and I suspect no one would have guessed they would be eating tea and cakes at a Buhddist Monastery, but they did. The Other Side of Peterborough run was more like the Right of Peterborough run finishing up at Tallington Lakes, once various road closures and detours had been negotiated. It was 3rd time lucky for the Clunker Run as the weather held out yet again for a steady ride that covered 38 miles to do 18. A Puch Maxi even met us at the final destination.

Rallies appeal to the minority; nevertheless a few of us like the odd camping weekend and rallies can definitely be odd, the Yorkshire Pudding being no exception (I submit the presence of a man in a pink tutu and two others dressed in wrestlers leotards as evidence). There’s plenty of more er…normal stuff as well, if indeed 1000 bikers camping on an equine cross-country course could in any way be considered normal. There is still also something faintly bizarre about being in the company of Lembit Öpik, but he was there mixing it with everyone. The MAG Teddy Bears Picnic was rained off so some of them met in a cafe instead. Despite the mild night only 7 riders made the run to the Splash, but a tea time rain shower probably put some of you off.

National Youth Bike – you may not be familiar with this but it is an annual event organised by local bikers that encourages young people from clubs and schools, sometimes from difficult backgrounds or with learning difficulties to get involved with motorbikes. They can rebuild, customise, modify, restore or, well do just about anything they like to a bike. Trophies are presented in all sorts of categories. Anyway, to get to the point club member Chris has become involved through her Rotary connections and would like to know if anyone in the club would also like to get involved. This could be through donation of a knackered bike or perhaps tools or assisting the kids. If you are interested please get in touch.

The nights are drawing in folks, make the most of the next few weeks………