August 2017

From the editor

I have concluded that I read some strange stuff, whilst looking on the internet I came across a report by the Department for Transport on accident figures for the period 1995 to 2015. of interest was the figures for motorcycle deaths and injuries.
In 2015, car occupants accounted for 44 per cent of road deaths, pedestrians 24 per cent, motorcyclists 21 per cent and pedal cyclists 6 per cent. So it appears that you are safer on your bike than walking, that came as a surprise to me. With regard to motorcycles, 44% of casualties occurred in London and the South East (a good reason to stay away from that area). Since 2011 the figures for motorcycle casualties has been reasonably static along with miles travelled. The previous years saw a dramatic reduction in the numbers. Of late, one group of motorcyclists are singled out for particular attention, the over 60s. The 377 seriously injured 60+ motorcyclists in 2015 is the highest since 1984. This figure is put down to the aging population. That’s me, and some of you. If we look at the European countries we are at the top of the table with Malta Norway and Sweeden for low numbers of deaths on the roads. But the statistic that stood out for me was a bit left field, the accident rate mirrors the UK Gross Domestic Product, so as we become more affluent we have more accidents (should that be more of us cover more miles and so are likely to have more accidents) how weird is that.

Coming events

Club Barbecue

This is on the 3rd of October, this will probably be the last chance you have to come to a barbecue this year, with a little luck you wont need a brolly.

Christmas Dinner

This is on the 15th December please ensure that you let Sandra know that you are attending

Toy Run

The toy run is on the 17th December it includes as in previous years a collection for the Boston women’s refuge. There will be as always breakfast at the Hammer and Pincers before a run through the town stopping at the Market place ending at the Pilgrim Hospital.
Presents for the children should be labelled with age and boy or girl if appropriate.


Although it is early to be thinking of it the AGM is not really that far away, perhaps it is time that you stood for the committee, maybe you have some questions for the club that you would like answered, items for the agenda even, let one of the committee know.

Wednesday Rides

It was suggested at the recent committee meeting that there may be interest in weekday rides out, Wednesdays were suggested, so further this if you are at a loose end on a Wednesday show up at the Hammer and Pincers at 11:00 you may find someone else there where upon you can choose where to go or not as the case may be. Over to you.

National Rally

The check point was manned by the usual stalwarts, the stand was set up at around 11 of the clock, then it was a matter of waiting for the first of the competitors. This year, much to the disgust of a few of us the check point closed at 4:45, this meant that the traditional breakfast was not available after we had packed up. Still, never mind we clcked a fair few bikes through the check point and I got an early ride to the seaside, and had a McDonalds breakfast, heaven forbid!

A note received from the Chief Marshall of the National Road Rally.

Hello All Controls Staff,

Once again another National Road Rally is over and again it was a great success due in no small measure to all the Controls staff who gave up their time and energy to run the 62 Controls scattered all over the country.
There are hundreds of people out there involved in running Controls in the Rally all of whom have our thanks and the competitors thanks also. Without all of your commitment there would not be a Rally in its present form.
It may not be known to you but some members of our committee also run Controls whilst the rest of us take part in other ways.
If you have any ideas of ways to improve the Rally, or if you think of items you may like as a Control, please let me know and I will bring these up at a committee meeting.
You will obviously have realised that the number of riders taking part has fallen dramatically in recent years; why this has occurred we do not know. Publicity is one of the main keys to promote anything but sometimes the cost of this is prohibitive even although no one involved, you and us, gets paid anything. If there is any way you can promote the Rally or you can think of anything which can help in this direction, again, let me know.
We are looking at ways to reduce the time you spend unnecessarily at the Controls and this year it was very noticeable that many of you had few riders through after 10pm. We hope to reduce the time spent after 10pm for these Controls and next year there may be some changes.
Thank you all very much for your commitment, not only for this year but for every other year in the past. The fact that so many of you continue to support the Rally makes those of us in the committee only too willing to keep it going.
We will be in touch with you all again in the new year.
All the best,
Wally Bradshaw
Chief Marshal

Bike Night

Bike Night for me started before 9:00 getting the van sorted to go and fetch the barriers, cones and road signs that are part of the requirements for the traffic management of the event and from that point on it was non stop until 01:00 the next day, oh, apart from a break for a bit of lunch/breakfast. From lunch onwards it was non stop action. The event got into it’s swing at about 16:30 and until 23:00 we saw if the papers are to be believed between 80 and 10 thousand visitors, a lot on bikes, trikes and scooters. The bandstand was quite impressive and we needed the overspill parking in the central park, we managed to fill about one third of it. Our major sponsor, Smart Move pronounced himself as will pleased with his investment. The classic bike show was a success, with a number of trophys given to the best or interesting bikes, shame that the one I would have happily taken home not winning one. Overall an excellent event.