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January 2017


Ten intrepid people showed their skills at the Boston Bowl on Thursday 26th January, It was an excellent evening which in my opinion would bear repeating.
The high scorer for the evening was CliveT followed by PhilR and DaveM close behind.

Marco Polo’s talk

Mark Piercy came along and showed some pictures of our trip to the south of France in September 2016.

  Three of us rode through France to meet two wifes at Perpignan airport, We then rode along the South of France, passing through the Ardech,Canyon of Verdun, Provence and into the Alps along the France, Italy border,before dropping the two ladies off at Lyon airport,leaving three of us to ride back to the tunnel to catch the train home.

Spalding bike show

I had planned to take my bike or side car to put on the stand, but as with all these things my plans failed to materialise, but never mind the show was interesting, we had a couple of people join the club. The lead weighted helmet had it’s weight changed again and was pressed into service, with a guess the weight competition. I had a wonder around the show, and bought a shirt, like you do. Met a few people that I haven’t seen in a while, if it were not for the attendance of these events I sometimes wonder if I would loose contact with a number of people. Apart from that I find that a lot of shows are becoming quite stale (is that the right word). What do you think? Let me know.

December 20th – Drinks at the Eagle

Several of us met up at the Eagle public house for a few pre Christmas drinks, this is an annual event that I always walk to. For those that do not know, the Eagle has to be the fore most if not only place to stock as many malt whiskeys as I have ever seen any where, real ale that will have you falling over should you try to sample it all and enough different ciders to leave you incapable. As always the talk was mostly on subjects that do not stand too close a scrutiny, it was noted by one of our number that a particular discussion on the fuel economy of modern motorcycles as opposed to speed did give an indication of the average age of the gathering. An excellent evening with even better company.

December 16th Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner 2016

We have had our club Christmas dinner, the Hammer and Pincers did us proud, an excellent meal all round. Sandra and Paul gathered a goodly collection of gifts for distribution amongst the club members some that provoked interest and some that gave rise to raucous mirth. It will be interesting to drive past Dave T’s place next year to see if there is an inflatable Santa and Snowman on the lawn. Thank you Sandra and Paul.

A presentation was made to Andy Carrott, one of our founder members, in appreciation of the years that he has driven the club forward as a member of the committee and as a truly committed club member. Our thanks go to Andy.

December 11th – Toy Run

The annual Toy Run and charity event took place on a clear and mild Sunday morning, as is my habit, I, like others prepared my steed with lashings of shiny stuff designed for Christmas trees, indeed I also added a tree complete with lights. Whilst on my way to collect my passenger, I and the chariot were subject to the passing scrutiny of a couple of gents in blue, it seems that I must have passed muster, or perhaps they still think it was the result of the last evens booze. The Hammer and Pincers provided as it has for the past few years an excellent breakfast for those in need of nourishment, which always is a good way to start the day.

Yours truly was given the responsibility of time keeper for the run, bad move, now what time were we supposed to leave…. as it happened with the help of other club members we did get to the market place and subsequently the hospital at about the right times. Whilst at the market place donations for the Woman’s Refuge were presented to one of their representatives.

At the hospital the donated toys were taken to the childrens ward by our resident Santa and his helpers. Thanks should go to Al and his two assistants who transported the donations and acted as marshals for the run.

November 15th – Auction Night

About a dozen club members showed up for the last auction of goodies donated to the club by the bike night traders, this due to the reorganisation of the bike night. If I recall correctly the deal of the evening went to Andy, an MOT for a motorcycle purchased at less than cost, which came with a cash incentive unknown to all bidders, making it a deal and a half. I personally obtained a few items that I have already put to use. The shock of the evening was Mark making a unilateral decision, I haven’t heard how that played out yet, well done Mark. At the end of the evening in excess of £200 was raised.

October 18th – Music Quiz

Music Quiz Tues 18 October Dave T invigilated for an examination, the subject was music. Yours truly was ungraded, Mark W was the star, and obtained the only pass with merit, his good lady was kind enough to advise me and indeed everyone else on a couple of answers, thanks Donna, at least I didn’t get a duck. We even had a team of young women who happened to be dining at the Hammer who did much better than I. Again thanks to Dave for his efforts, a good evening was had by all.

September 20th – Bar-b-cue

Dave T was in the hot seat for this event, and with his good lady organised the burgers and buns, good they were too. The weather was in our favour and the buns stayed dry for the evening. Thanks go to Dave and Gail for their work in sorting this one out.

Tuesday 30th August – Six Bells

The 6 Bells at Witham on the Hill run was led by Dave T at a fairly decent pace ( moderate to fast) which was very enjoyable as he kept us on decent roads. I understand that Kev at the back of the group had a high old time and thought that this was one of the best runs of the year, what do you think? The weather was pleasant and so we sat outside and enjoyed a drink, some even had pudding.

Tuesday 23 August – The Bay Horse

Bay Horse run was led by Dave S our chairman, who set a gentle pace, on some new (to me) roads passing through Manby to North Somercoates and the Bay Horse, the items of note for this run were Dave’s SatNav deciding that we should go in the opposite direction and three quesionable pints of beer, which were changed straight away, over all an enjoyable run.

December 2016

From the Editor

Well that’s Christmas over, the New Year a couple of days away, time to reflect on the past, the things that went well and those that did not, to consider plans for the future and to try new things.

In the past year the club has seen some changes, a change of name albeit small ( the dropping of association ), a change in the running of the Bike Night, the loss of two of our most committed members from the committee.

We have had some excellent events, the highlight of the year as always has to be the Bike Night, bigger and better than the previous year. We had some superb rides out, for me the best has to have been the “Lincs the other way” though I have had comment that the Wolds Bender was the best ride out, also vying for the top spot in my eyes was an under subscribed run to the SuperSausage (an ever so slightly damp run), we only seem to manage about seven or eight club members on most rides out, I wonder what the rest of you are up to, I wonder if we have something wrong in the way we organise the rides or perhaps where we go, if you have any suggestions that may help us improve the appeal of the rides out please get in touch.

Looking to the coming year, the club will have a presence at the Spalding Bike Show on the 21st and 22nd January, volunteers are always needed for the club stand. I understand that we will be manning a checkpoint for the National Road Rally on the 1st and 2nd July again volunteers are needed. The Boston Bike Night will take place on the 6th July as always volunteers are always needed. We always need people to lead rides out, do you know somewhere that might be of interest to other club members, are you prepared to lead a group of club members a merry dance to a new location, on a Tuesday evening or a day at the weekend or even one day in the week. We need new ideas all the time, this is your club, it needs you.

Notice of the Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Boston Motorcycle Riders will take place on the 14th February 2017. Put a note in your diary, it is your club come along and have a say in the future of it. The location will be decided and notification made to all members.

The following positions are up for re-election; Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. Also a number of committee members are up for re-election.