Chris Walker Kawasaki 18 August 2015

Only tree hardy soles turned up for the run to Chris Walker Kawasaki in Grantham, a little disappointing but understandable considering the weather conditions.
The ride there was uneventful following the A52 until the outskirts of Grantham were reached. Dave T then lead the group down Whalebone Lane, through Great Ponton village onto Spitalegate Level, turning left into Gorse Lane crossing the A1 and then right into Wyville Road dropping down to Harlaxton Road.
We were greeted by Chris Walker with a free mug of tea or coffee, the cafe was still open and the food was good and very reasonably priced. After refreshments we then had Chris’s undivided attention and the next couple of hours flew by as he talked very honestly about anything and everything we asked including – his racing career, the ups and downs of starting a motorcycle dealership, and riding the new supercharged Kawasaki H2R.
Despite the wet ride home all agreed a very good evening was had.