Clunker Run 9 June 2015

Clunker, a dilapidated vehicle. It has to be said aside from my sidecar outfit which some may fits the bill the remainder if vehicles on this run did not. We use this term loosly to refer to a run for old and slow bikes.

P1000199This run was led by Andy, who against my expectation did not bring his sidecar outfit, this meant that I was driving the only outfit on the run, and quit a workout I got, especially the upper body (need to sort the steering).

clunker7 clunker9 clunker12 clunker13

We were led down some roads I had not been on before some were narrow and of dubious quality ( the road surface) and one had an obstacle, see below,


and no he did not move, I am told the chair was very close to his leg.


After a while we arrived at the Ebrington Arms, Kirkby on Bain. It was on arrival that we met Paul and Sandra (who had missed the departure time) also Glen and Stuart who had come from Boston on their Puch Maxis.