Daves Humber Bridge Run (midweek)

It was a bright sunny Thursday morning when three intrepid travellers set off to find the Humber Bridge which according to our leader’s sat nav did not exist, the hunt was on. Dave S was the expedition leader Myself and AlanT followed. The weather was excellent, evidenced by AlanT being there. The route took us up the Caister High Street and a couple of new roads to me before we hit the A15 to cross the bridge, yes it did exist and could be crossed.

Humber Bridge

Coffee was had at the Humber Bridge country park, well warm dark liquid anyway, after a brief interlude we went down to the water front to get some photographic evidence of the trip, the pics can be seen on the club web site and facebook pages.

The route home included a hunt around Caister for the most expensive petrol in the county, we were successful, DaveS and AlanT were less than enamoured of the cost. Then via yet more new roads to me we headed for the Bluestone Heath road.


On to Woodhall Spar for a cream tea at the café in the woods, very civilised. Then Home a thoroughly excellent day.