December 11th – Toy Run

The annual Toy Run and charity event took place on a clear and mild Sunday morning, as is my habit, I, like others prepared my steed with lashings of shiny stuff designed for Christmas trees, indeed I also added a tree complete with lights. Whilst on my way to collect my passenger, I and the chariot were subject to the passing scrutiny of a couple of gents in blue, it seems that I must have passed muster, or perhaps they still think it was the result of the last evens booze. The Hammer and Pincers provided as it has for the past few years an excellent breakfast for those in need of nourishment, which always is a good way to start the day.

Yours truly was given the responsibility of time keeper for the run, bad move, now what time were we supposed to leave…. as it happened with the help of other club members we did get to the market place and subsequently the hospital at about the right times. Whilst at the market place donations for the Woman’s Refuge were presented to one of their representatives.

At the hospital the donated toys were taken to the childrens ward by our resident Santa and his helpers. Thanks should go to Al and his two assistants who transported the donations and acted as marshals for the run.