February 2014

What’s Gone

I should actually be at the meeting tonight but (shock, horror) l worked late so by the time tea had been masticated and phone calls answered it was well after 8, so I’m typing this instead. Shouldn’t be allowed, working late, not good for the hobbies. That’s got all our retired, time on their hands, members chuckling I’m sure. I SAID “THAT’S GOT YOU CHUCKLING I’M SURE”. They’re a bit deaf you know, you sometimes have to raise your voice. We will be starting the mid week rides soon. I SAID “WE’LL BE STARTING THE MID WEEK RIDES SOON. PLENTY OF STOPS FOR WEES.”


There is new feature on our website, namely a member’s only forum where you can post comments and discuss stuff. You will be required to register and the forum will be password controlled. Keep your eye on the website for details. Non-members will only be able to see part of the newsletter, so if you want to be able to read it all on the website you will also need to register.


So, Spalding. As the county’s foremost lacklustre motorcycling event it actually had a quite a positive air to it this year. It must have been busier because the time didn’t drag like it does sometimes. We picked up some new members, so welcome Lady and Gents to the BMRA. You join us at a time when there’s not a lot happening but Spring has nearly sprung and the Club Rides commence soon.


It was Mr Taylor that thought Bike Porn was a suitable title for our video night. That should attract attention, surely. You get 87,300,000 hits on Google if you do a search on Bike Porn (all in the name of research for the newsletter y’know) but despite its popularity on the internet it seems it didn’t appeal to many members. So it was a club night with bikes on the telly instead of football. Black and white racing footage featured a Moto Guzzi Gambalunga but for some reason some members thought I had made up the name. Now there’s an idea for a quiz section – Real or Not Real.


And so to our AGM, where nothing too contentious or dramatic occurred. The accounts were accounted, the proposals were proposed, and the Chairman of the last 9 years, Mr Paul Facey, stood down. It goes without saying that we all appreciated Paul’s leadership over that time and the meeting recorded him a vote of thanks. His position has been taken by David Simpson who you all know as the Bike Night Event Manager. Good luck David. Whilst one David stood up another stood down – Dave Goodger left the committee after his second stint as a Committee member. We have at least 2 new Committee members, Dave Tuley (this may be his second coming as well) and Richard White (our web maestro). Steven (Malcolm) received an award for services to the club (as a non-committee member he has raised more money at events than any other member). Paul and Sandra Taylor received the Gostlow Trophy for their continued support and work for the club.