February 2016

What’s Gone

25 years and 250 issues, give or take, have passed from my digits via various keyboards to a variety of printers, since the club started, but this will be my last one. With the exception of a few contributors (most notably our previous Chairman, Paul Facey, and proof reader Jane) I have written in the region of 250,000 words. According to Wikipedia a novel is anything over 40,000 words so that’s a good 5 books worth! So to all those I have offended, you have my sincere apologies (and in a couple of cases my presence at their door eating humble pie), but to all the rest I hope I have kept you informed (with a reasonable degree of accuracy) and also entertained.

If you will spare me the indulgence of prattling on for just a bit longer I have, on the whole, enjoyed this process and it has taught me a great deal (but not how to type using more than just a few fingers unfortunately). For many years the Newsletter was the glue that bound the club together because, without it, our disparate members from around the area would not have known what was going on. Today we have email, a website and Facebook but I think members still need a reminder every few weeks of what is planned (whether it be via an email or paper copy for those that prefer analogue to digital). Looking at Facebook and the website requires a proactive involvement that some members will forget to do or are just not interested in. My one piece of advice to the Committee and officers of the club is that, to continue with our successes, the direct contacting of members must continue. I wish the best of luck to the new Newsletter Editor, Richard White, who will soon discover that the title of Newsletter Writer is far more apt!

So what else have we been up to? We had a successful show at Spalding raising a few quid and signing up some new members. We have also had three presentations. The first featured some spectacular photos of Dave and Marco’s tour of Norway. They were blessed with perfect weather and were fully able to enjoy the great roads through forests, mountains and fjords. The next talk was from Mark and was a really interesting insight into the riding/driving test, prompting some lively debate with quite a few members thinking there are some aspects of the test that are too lenient! Then last came a talk on floods and drainage. Where does that fit with biking you ask? It doesn’t, is the answer, but the subject came up at a club night after the Cumbria floods so I agreed to explain how Boston and the surrounding area keeps its feet dry (mostly).

And last, but not least, we had our AGM where various folks got re-elected and Sandra was presented with not one but two trophies for services to the club. If there had been a wooden spoon for chucking bikes up the road she would have been in the running for that too but would have faced stiff competition from a soon to be former Editor