Hammer and Pincers run

Membership renewal Pt 2

This was in interesting run into the sun for the first part, about nine bikes and one brave person on a trike started out, the trike driver/rider decided that discretion was the better part of valour as they say and opted to drop out after about 25 Minutes, I cant say I blame him as my forays into 3 wheeled transport have convinced me that the are not meant for travel at any speed and I mean any.

Dave T led us into the sun for the first half of the run, suggestions for dealing with low sun on a postcard please. As with most runs that I partake of I invariably could not tell you where I have been only that it was or not an enjoyable run,this was. The run culminated in a barbecue at the Hammer and Pincers where we met up with our trike pilot and enjoyed a burger or two deftly served by Paul and Glen, thanks guys. This was also an opportunity to renew your membership if you hadn’t already, I seem to recall about 4 did.