25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary Events

25th Anniversary Gathering 15 August 2015

Our big 25th Anniversary social event went very well. Over 60 members old and new gathered at the Hammer and Pincers to reminisce, take the piss, and generally have a good chinwag.


We had a bit of fun voting for best bike with trophies as follows:

Best Bike – members – Phil’s loud and shiny Yamaha XV 1700 Roadstar Warrior,

Best bike – visitors – Glen’s stunningly beautiful BSA A10 Super Rocket,

Oldest Combined Bike and Rider – John W and Triumph (128 years),


Bike Most People Wanted To take Home – Tony T’s R1200R BMW,


Bike Most People Wanted Someone Else To Take Home – Ricado’s Puch Maxi (little did they know what power lurks between those pedals otherwise they would have voted for something else).


The pub did us proud with some lovely grub and after trophy  presentations and a few speeches it was time for some rather tasty birthday cake made by Sue W.


Thanks to one and all for making it such a good day.

Around Lincolnshire Run 1 August 2015

A few months ago it was suggested that we should have a run to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the club, the route that was finally adopted was to ride around the edge of Lincolnshire, without leaving the county. Now for those that do not know, we live in  the second largest county in England, which means quite a large border, which when you consider that the roads don’t  conveniently follow the border we were left with a planed route to cover in one day. Easy I here you say, I will at this point say that Lincolnshire has no motorways and some pretty poor roads in the lesser travelled areas. Still not daunted an intrepid band met up for an 06:30 start, or was it 06:40.

rndlincs4All set, and it was off.

The planed route can be found on the ride out routes part of the site. We set off in the general direction of Skegness, on some of the most suspect roads on offer, or so we thought, I even heard one of our group profess to be happy to see the A52, I am sure he was joking or was he? Any way Skegness soon came and went along the coast we went heading for the coastal resort of Cleethorpes and the first stop, for breakfast and fuel, my third visit to a McDonalds, well I needed some calories, the food well the less said… It had taken 2 hours to get there, what is normally a 45 minute to 1 hour journey. On leaving Cleethorpes and heading around the edge of Grimsby through the docks area it was interesting to see the change from Ho;holiday resort to commercial areas, in particular the smell of the fish docks will always be remembered. This was to be the last large population centre we would pass through.

The next stop would be for a stretch on the bank of the Humber.

rndlincs5 rndlincs8

All there except yours truly, who was behind the camera.

From here we headed in the general direction of Gainsborough for a fuel stop, but first as it was now lunch time a stop for food was sorted, and I still haven’t a clue where we stopped other than to say we found some decent food and drink in a pleasant pub. (edit. The pub was the Jenny Wren Inn in Susworth.)

rndlincs9Waiting for our food to arrive, discussing the ride so far.

After we were suitably filled with food and drink we set off for the fuel stop and then to cross the river Trent  twice both times on the same bridge, as part of Lincolnshire resides on the other side and is only accessible vis the one bridge without leaving the county, this would not be the last time we did this.

routerrroute courtesy of Mark.

Soon after we were heading South ish, when we got to use one of the few bits of dual carriage way in Lincolnshire, not to get too excited as it was a mile one way and then back up the other side just to cross it.

It was at a point around South Scarle that we lost one of our number to a minor accident, he came off on a bend, the damage to his bike and indeed himself was minor and he left the group to return home slowly.

Then to head in a direction that would take us past Grantham some where to the East, heading South towards a couple of places from my past, South Witham and Little Bytham.

rndlincs13Uffington for a stretch and drink.

We stopped for a stretch and drink,sandwich or whatever we had with us in the village of Uffington, as can be seen from the picture the shadows are beginning to lengthen, only another 80 ish miles to go. We were now heading along the Southern edge of the county, through places like Market Deeping and Crowland towards Sutton Bridge. It was this part of the trip that reintroduced us to the phenomena of the South Lincolnshire undulating road, oft signed as being unsuitable for speeds over 30/40mph. Much riding was done stood up.

On reaching Sutton Bridge we crossed the river Nene once in each direction in order to go around the bit of Lincolnshire that is on the other side of the river, it was then a gallop along the coastal edge of Lincolnshire taking in such places as Gedney and Holbeach St Marks. Then crossing the Fosdyke into home territory passing through Kirton Holme and Frampton before arriving back in Boston at 20:10 it took 13hrs 30minutes.

rndlincs16 Home again.