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May 2015

It’s been cold but fine for all but one ride so far. The OK Diner was rained off by fierce downpours and gales. I ventured on to Bargate End only just missing Mark Wood, the only other pillock hardy biker to venture out on such a rough night, by a couple of minutes. So there I was, all booted and suited in my best foul weather gear so I though ‘why not?’ and did about 50 miles on my own down bone dry roads in some instances and through some foul squally downpours in others, dodging fallen branches and flying debris.

Easter saw a run to Krazy Horse in Bury St Edmunds. It was a last minute thing organised at the club night as a few folks were on holiday. I’ll let Ricardo tell you the rest…… The sun was shining and a group of the BMR had met up at the Hammer for a run out to a Mecca of customised motorcycles known as Krazy Horse. The run out was led by Andy, who used the old school navigation method of a scrap of paper taped to his arm, an excellent run. On arrival at Krazy Horse I was in full drool mode, it was akin to being in an art gallery, oh to be a lottery winner, I should have at least one piece of art work for the lounge. I mean you would, wouldn’t you? An Ekerslike what else…..or maybe……..Ah well I’ll just have to keep doing the lottery and dreaming. Still the breakfast was affordable and worth it so we retired to the café for breakfast, tea, coffee and so on. After some more drooling we headed homeward, led by Paul using modern tech, a Sat Nav that I can only assume he spent a fair amount of time programming or it has a function to find all minor roads and villages between point A and B taking in anywhere within 10 miles either side of the line. Ah yes another stop for coffee, I have no idea where, perhaps I can get a copy of the route. A great day was had, so thanks go to Andy and Paul for arranging and leading the run.

My thanks also to Ricardo for the following ride out reviews.

A beautiful evening was greeted by 14 people, if I counted right, for a run to Woody’s Bar in Ancaster. The run was led by Mark, whose route was to be messed up by road works, but there was still an excellent choice of roads. It was the first time I have been to Ancaster via  Corby Glen. New roads and villages, no mean feat considering we were in the area I grew up in.  We arrived at Woody’s Bar around 9-ish and the kitchen was closed, so no chips, but there was some very decent beer and cider. All in all a good evening was had. Thank you Mark for leading us a merry dance, most enjoyable. A beautiful evening and yet another great turn out for my run to yet another Red Lion (Mumby in this instance), I am not sure how many Red Lion Pubs there are in the local area, but my plan is to visit as many as possible. As always we try to find some new routes, but as is the case when you do this for a few years some people have covered just about all the local roads; still a gentle amble along one or two of the lesser used byways was had. I am assured, though I didn’t notice, there was some dirt and other stuff in the centre of a few of the roads. A quick stop for a snap shot on top of a hill in the Wolds, the Blue Stone Heath road for those who are interested, a pleasant  bit of road when you are out on a bike.

Great ride out on Sunday 26th April (another club night, last minute thing) in typical Dave Goodger fashion, by-roads, gravel and grass down the centre of many, got caught up in a cycle race (they even moved the  temporary road closure signs for us), then a little off-roading, ending up at Launde Abbey, a Christian retreat for coffee and cake! Ride back in similar fashion but with fewer cyclists to the Iron Horse Ranch at Market Deeping, and finally back to Boston.  A great day out, good riding, good company, good weather and some great scenery! The weather was with us again and a couple of new faces joined us for the run to the Blue Bell at Waplode St Catherine. It should be noted that this is a place well worth a visit, not only because it has its own micro brewery, but they also serve excellent food. The run this evening was led by Andy, who it has to be said found roads that rivalled last years in their bumpiness. He also managed to recover from a closed road in his planned route without a map or sat-nav. Well done that man. Finally we arrived slightly shaken though not stirred at the Blue Bell whereupon we sampled the food in a couple of cases and the local brew in most.

March 2015

“Dear Andy, you may well recall that towards the end of last year I might have spoken to you about the possibility of forming a new motorcycle club in the Boston area. Well, hopefully, this could now take place.”

So started a letter from Dave Rogers, motorcycle copper and instructor, sent to me and umpteen other bikers in and around Boston at the start of 1990. The first meeting was held on Tuesday 13th February 1990 at the Wyberton Sports and Social Club and attracted nearly 40 riders. And, as they so often say, the rest is history. Five of that original group are still members of the club: namely Paul and Sandra Taylor, Dave Goodger, Ray Gostlow and me.  In February we held a bangers and mash supper to celebrate those 25 years. It was a special occasion in the presence of people who I am pleased to call my friends. It was good to talk of the club’s past activities but I forgot one important thing, and this friends and fellow club members, I ask you to do now. Please raise a real or metaphorical glass to absent friends. Thankfully those who are no longer with us are but just a few, nevertheless a few we would rather have with us. Cheers chaps!

If I remember I will try to include a few stories of our past escapades in future newsletters (if I can do so without causing embarrassment. Thinking about it, that might be difficult………..).

What’s Gone

Our AGM was well supported and we have a full team on the Committee with David Simpson re-elected as Chairman.  You will notice a change in name at the top of this page as well. It was agreed that from now on we will be known as Boston Motorcycle Riders as regards products and promotional matters (although we are at present keeping the Association bit in respect to the legal side of things i.e. bank account, PLI, etc). A list of Committee members will be issued to all renewing members along with a goody bag with lots of stuff from Bikesure, the only company to send me anything after I contacted numerous bike manufacturers, tyre manufacturers and other suppliers to the biking world (miserable gits the lot of ‘em – all I was asking for was the sort of promotional giveaways they have at shows!).

There were a couple of event non-starters this month, both due to unforeseen circumstances. David S couldn’t make it to the “Get Yer Pics Out!” night and a break down (mechanical not of the “I just can’t take anymore” variety meant the competition “equipment” didn’t get to the meeting. No worries, we can fit them in to the next 25 years of the club. Springfields came and went with its usual whimper but we signed up some new members and promoted the Bike Night. Mark’s talk about the testing regime was interesting and just makes me thankful I have a full licence. I didn’t get to the bottom of what licence is required for a motorcycle lawn mower though?

And so to the start of our riding year……….

January 2015

What’s Gone

The BMRA Idiot’s Guide to the use of (anti)Social Media seems an age ago but was actually only last month. It was interesting to learn just how long some of this webtwaddle has been about, for example the World Wide Web was developed back in 1989 and was released into the wild in 1993. Then, like most invasive species, it found its way into everything and seemingly can no longer be controlled. Facebook didn’t appear until 2004 but has grown to 1.35 billion users and, at least for the time being, is our best way to communicate the latest news. So if you haven’t found our Facebook presence it’s about time you did. Just in case there’s any confusion out there amongst our less internet-savvy members you DO NOT need a password or user name to view the club website and event diary. Similarly you do not need to have joined Facebook to view our Facebook page. Just enter the club name into Google and both options should appear.

Unfortunately I missed the Charity Ride but my informants tell me about 26 bikes and 2 combos took part. The Toy run to Pilgrim Hospital plus collection for Women’s Refuge were both well supported so thanks to everyone involved. Thanks also to Mark and Donna for their fun Christmas Quiz. I’m afraid to see that Jane and I failed miserably and won it, which means we have to organise the next one. The mince pies were good too, with a big bowl of ice cream for extra measure.

I can’t fault the Christmas Party either. A huge turn-out of members, excellent food by all accounts (two of us had to miss out having already had one Christmas dinner that day, but reports were that the Hammer and Pincers carvery was spot on), and our big prize giveaway went down really well too (as did the double whiskies). Our traditional annual night out on the town got as far as the Eagle on West Street but those of us that turned up did our best to try as many different beverages as possible and there was little point wasting drinking time by going elsewhere.

I knew there was something I’ve missed – Happy New Year!

Bike Night Update – volunteers still needed so don’t be shy.

Products Help Needed – can you design a T-shirt?  We need a good design for a new range for Boston Bike Night. If you can incorporate the stump and a bike somehow, all the better. Please email

Anniversary Year News – it’s our 25th anniversary AGM in February. No buffet this year because we’re having a get together on Friday 13th Feb, the actual anniversary date of the BMRA’s first meeting. There’s free bangers and mash for everyone who turns up on the 13th, but please note, it’s pre-book only.


What’s Gone

So this is the time of year when I’m struggling for copy for the newsletter. Other than a rather good quiz organised by Dave and Gail Tuley (won by me and The Present Mrs Carrott), things are a bit quiet. There’s usually a good turnout at club nights with the debate recently turning to how we mange the rides out, or more precisely how do we stop the group from splitting up. The general concensus was that the basic rules are sufficient if everyone follows them. I’ll not bore you with it now, but when we start regular rides out next year you will all get a reminder.

Mud on the Roads – former BMRA member and local Councillor Bob McAuley has recently been featured in the local press having teamed up with the local Police and Highways officers to promote reporting of dangerous occurrences of mud on the road. We’ve all seen it, and to an extent accept that it’s part of living in a rural area, but sometimes it’s a potential killer, especially for those of us on two wheels. So if you come across something that seems more field than road please report it, you might prevent an accident. Please ring 101 or if it is a real mess (for instance on a bend) dial 999.

And now a word from our Chairman………

Boston Bike Night
Following on from an Event Training course attended by two of our Bike Night committee at the Nettleham Police HQ, the inaugural meeting of the Committee was held to discuss the implications raised. The main hurdle to overcome is the need for club members to volunteer to be stewards and to attend the briefing required beforehand. We can no longer depend on stewards turning up on the night. An alternative is to hire in professional stewards, just 10 of which will cost the club some £760. Failure to do either of those will mean that the Bike Night can no longer be run in its present format. Another alternative is to divorce it from the BMRA, and have it self-supporting under an independent committee, financially independent (with a knock on reduction in club income).

So there you have it ladies and gents. We need members to commit to being stewards who are prepared to arrive at the event in good time to undergo a briefing beforehand. Nothing complicated, just explaining who, what, where, and when. Please contact Dave Simpson BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

And more from or rather for the Chairman. He needs your pictures to update club publicity materials. So email him pictures of BMRA events or rides out or even just good bike pics (alternatively put them on a disc and bring them to a club night).

And yet more……our Chairman intends to stand down at our AGM in February. Will someone else please stand up!!!

This year’s Toy Run will include another collection for Boston’s Womens Refuge and also a run to the Pilgrim Hospital. So we want toys for the hospital and toiletries, clothes, underwear, and toys for the women’s refuge and you get a sense of fulfilment and a ride on your bike (and breakfast at the pub but you have to pay for that bit).

National Youth Bike – the Boston team are still desperate for premises. Please contact Chris on 07799 772138.

August 2014

No, you’ve not missed a newsletter. The one issued just before Boston Bike Night covered everything right up to Sunday 17th August. And what a Bike Night it was. If you went or helped you don’t need telling how good it was. If you didn’t go, well, you missed out on perhaps the biggest and best Boston Bike Night so far. It wouldn’t have been a success were it not for our volunteers: thank you all for helping to make it happen. The Bike Night was swiftly followed by the National Rally. Three plucky members took part this year and thoroughly enjoyed the experience – 540 miles and umpteen places they had never been to before from north to south, east to west. Well done, John, Kev and er… Kev’s boss!

It was 2nd time lucky for Ricado’s Red Lion run with fine weather which continued until the following week and the run to Mablethorpe with excellent fish and chips at the Dolphin chippy. A bit of drizzle didn’t dampen spirits for the Yorkshire Wolds Run and I suspect no one would have guessed they would be eating tea and cakes at a Buhddist Monastery, but they did. The Other Side of Peterborough run was more like the Right of Peterborough run finishing up at Tallington Lakes, once various road closures and detours had been negotiated. It was 3rd time lucky for the Clunker Run as the weather held out yet again for a steady ride that covered 38 miles to do 18. A Puch Maxi even met us at the final destination.

Rallies appeal to the minority; nevertheless a few of us like the odd camping weekend and rallies can definitely be odd, the Yorkshire Pudding being no exception (I submit the presence of a man in a pink tutu and two others dressed in wrestlers leotards as evidence). There’s plenty of more er…normal stuff as well, if indeed 1000 bikers camping on an equine cross-country course could in any way be considered normal. There is still also something faintly bizarre about being in the company of Lembit Öpik, but he was there mixing it with everyone. The MAG Teddy Bears Picnic was rained off so some of them met in a cafe instead. Despite the mild night only 7 riders made the run to the Splash, but a tea time rain shower probably put some of you off.

National Youth Bike – you may not be familiar with this but it is an annual event organised by local bikers that encourages young people from clubs and schools, sometimes from difficult backgrounds or with learning difficulties to get involved with motorbikes. They can rebuild, customise, modify, restore or, well do just about anything they like to a bike. Trophies are presented in all sorts of categories. Anyway, to get to the point club member Chris has become involved through her Rotary connections and would like to know if anyone in the club would also like to get involved. This could be through donation of a knackered bike or perhaps tools or assisting the kids. If you are interested please get in touch.

The nights are drawing in folks, make the most of the next few weeks………

April 2014

We have had some glorious spring sunshine of late (March had only half the rain we normally get for this time of the year) but as I type this we are enveloped in a cloud of Saharan dust and a mixture of pollution from the UK and continent. The Government has already imposed a speed limit on a road in the name of reducing emissions and we are just about to get slapped in the mush by the EU for failing to reach emission targets so don’t be surprised if more reductions in speeds limits are on the cards. All this comes just after a Dutch study has shown that accidents went down when they raised the speed limit on a section of motorway. Just when you think some common sense is about to prevail………

We have had some very successful nights at the Hammer and Pincers recently. Someone did tell me who won the Cadwell Races and in a spectacularly short lap time too, but I can’t remember – I will instruct my secretary to contact the organisers. In the meantime I can confirm that the BBQ was very well supported with, I’m told, in excess of 30 people present – not bad for a chilly night. Thanks to Paul for doing the BBQ and Sandra for taking the memberships.

Another success was the regularity ride. I was a little concerned when, on one participant’s return, they mentioned a railway crossing and a pub, because there were no railway crossings or pubs on the route. For the second time in 3 years the rider with the closest average speed to the target (27mph) was Kev, who was about a tenth of a mph adrift. In fact 2 riders got to within less than 1 mph.

It looks like there are going to be some midweek rides out soon but you will have to follow our website or Facebook pages for details at the moment.

The secretary has just returned. Dave and Gail won the quiz and Ricardo raced round Cadwell in record time (around 12 seconds) beating Mr Taylor by about two tenths of a second. The excitement must have been almost unbearable………


We need some commitment folks. There’s a distinct lack of volunteers for marshalling. No marshals, no Bike Night, it’s as simple as that, so please contact Dave Simpson or Richard White (at a meeting or by phone or smoke signals or telepathy (perhaps not telepathy, some folks seem to think that’s how it happens already……).

November 2013

Bruised or broken? Dave’s ribs were one or the other so he cancelled his Sunday run. Such was the effort he put into working on his Harley something went ping  and it wasn’t mechanical. Three of us ignored the instructions in the newsletter and just turned up on spec only to find a deserted car park. So we went for a ride anyway! And it seems such a long time ago already, but in reality it really is only a matter of a few weeks ago that were having an Indian summer. At least it was dry for the BBQ which was very well supported. Thanks go to Paul and Sandra for sorting out the food but what really makes it a night is when you lot turn up. Nice to see you all.

Storms and gales resulted in a cancelled charity ride with Mid Lincs MAG. A check of the route found roads flooded, gravel beds washed on the highway and downed trees and branches . Perfect riding conditions for a few of our members I’m sure but definitely not what you want for a ride involving the public.

Grumpy Git (our Chairman) produced an entertaining quiz that was won by Paul Taylor and a well behaved Dave Goodger. Just one point in it saw them beat the Bickering Carrotts into second place. Look forward to a quiz from Paul and Dave in the New Year.

Charitable choices – it’s our annual toy run and charity event on Sunday 1st December. As last year we are taking toys to the Pilgrim Hospital and collecting for the Boston Women’s Refuge. Bring something for one or bring something for both, the choice is yours. See Events diary for more details. If the weather’s rubbish, come in the car – the need for donations doesn’t change with the weather.

Christmas Meal, Friday 6th December – Once again we are having a Christmas Carvery at the Hammer and Pincers. It’s pre-book only so contact Sandra. £16 of your English pounds gets a choice of:

Prawn cocktail, tomato and red pepper soup, melon or garlic mushrooms
Turkey or beef with all the trimmings or cheese/broccoli bake or salmon fillet with hollandaise sauce
Christmas pud, apple and blackberry pie, New York cheesecake, ice cream selection
Mince pies, coffee and mints

There will also be our £150 Christmas prize draw where everyone wins a prize.