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Red Lion

This run was a quick fix job as the leader was unable to attend so yours truly led a group of four on a route that encompassed some of my favourite roads including the Deer park and the Blue Stone Heath road finishing up at the Spilsby Red Lion, the usual suspects let rip on the Deer Park, the evening ending with the obligatory beer.

Fatty Arbuckles

An excellent run into Norfolk led by Paul to the Arbuckles at Deerham where the food was sampled and found to be well worth the trip, for those that did not make this trip I can recommend it for next year.

Marrowbone and Cleaver

It is time for me to grovel, contrary to the last newsletter, Dave T did provide me wth a report on this run, my sloppy management of my e-mail meant that I missed it. My apologies Dave.

The run to the Marrowbone and Cleaver at Kirmington was very popular, the weather was so good even Al Thompson ventured out!
12 bikes left the Hammer and Pincers (or was it 13), and at least 2 had pillion riders.
A steady ride to Revesby via Langrick Bridge and Frithville ensued with the group keeping together, followed by a blast through the deer park. The deer park was incident free although some riders complained of a near miss with unknown bikers coming the other way using all the road. Personally I have no objection to using all the road but only if you can see far enough ahead to be sure you’re not endangering yourself or anyone else.
The group re-assembled in the big lay-by just before Horncastle and trundled through the town up to Caistor High Street, one of my favourites (in a long list, we are very lucky living in Lincs, the number of good riding roads is far higher than in other parts of the country).
Going straight across the by-pass when reaching Caistor we continued on the A1173 for a short distance before two slight lefts put us on the bumpy back road passed the edge of Humberside Airport, and on to the pub.
Inside the pub is a very nice example of a BSA Rocket 3, own and raced by Guy Martin’s father.
The ride back was brisk although the group was somewhat smaller as many people made their own way home.
Roll on the next one.

The Wolds Bender

Lots of bends and then some more, PaulT led us on one of his usual twisty routes around the Lincolnshire Wolds including the infamous Dear Park from both directions once at the beginning and once at the end of the run as always this part of the route is a devil take the hind most section with us regrouping at either end. Included were the Bucknall bends the Bardney bends and the Caister High street amongst the many. I am assured that there are 87 bends on the route, but it felt more like 187. A great ride.

Twelve counties

A run around 12 counties led by DaveT taking in , well, 12 counties. I started this run with a copy of the route in my sat nav, but it soon became clear that my sat nav had a different view on how to get places than Dave’s sat nav, so if you are a sat nav expert and know how to get differing sat navs to have the same route shout out. As I had little clue where we were I can only say that we loads of pretty little villages and along many roads that if I can find again I shall revisit. Two places that that stuck in mind were Market Bosworth and our first stop at a transport cafe somewhere past Newark where a most camp gent was serving the food, and good it was.

Jacks Hill Cafe run

This Sunday ride was attended by eight Bikes and ten people. The run was led by PaulT who in previous years led us to the nearby SuperSausage, this year a change to Jacks Hill cafe was made. Those of us who have done the previous runs to the Super Sausage will have recognised some of the roads, but to ensure that we didn’t get complacent a few new roads were thrown into the mix. It seems that Northamptonshire has some very pretty villages, they look expensive too. The Breakfast at Jacks Hill cafe was worth the ride as was the milk shake on the way back.

The Massingberd Arms

A miserable looking afternoon gave way to a not bad evening, even so only two adventurous souls turned out for this run, the ride leader KevC and myself, the ride took in some interesting roads some of which I haven’t been able to find since. An excellent route Thanks Kev.

The Fox and Hounds at Old Somerby

A very good turn out for the run to The Fox & Hounds at Old Somerby. Eight regulars plus a new rider ———– on an immaculate Triumph Speed Triple with trick (noisy but nice) exhaust. The meeting place was the Hammer and Pincers as the committee had decreed all events now start there (unless stated otherwise) as far as we know no one turned up at The Green/Wide Bargate by mistake!

The run was plotted by Dave Tuley and had a fair mix of roads, A, B and unclassified some with a little sprinkling of gravel here and there and a ford. None of this phased anyone and the pace was fairy brisk, especially the final section from Corby Glen to the pub.

The route took the group via Donington, Horbling, Pointon, Kirby Underwood, Edenham, Toft, Witham on the Hill, Little Bytham, Swinstead, Corby Glen, and Bitchfield arriving at Old Somerby just before the light began to fade.

Most people opted for the simplest return route up to the A52, the Old Somerby road joins it at the roundabout above Grantham near the HGV Testing Station.

The weather kept fine if a little chilly after the sun went down, but a good time was had by all.

The Wishingwell at Dyke

This was Daves run but he was unable to do it, so I offered, but due to a failed satnav and poor memory Kev took on the job with the route placed in his satnav. Six of us set out at a reasonable pace, I think the IAM call it making progress, interestingly the sun is now high enough in the sky during our runs to be bearable when heading west, we can see. The route became shortened when a satnav hiccup occurred and Kev was then on his own so to speak. The route encompassed a bit of everything, a typical run out. We still ended up at the correct destination albeit by a different route, thanks Kev. A pleasant hour was passed, a pint also very enjoyable and then back home by a more direct route.