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Tuesday 30th August – Six Bells

The 6 Bells at Witham on the Hill run was led by Dave T at a fairly decent pace ( moderate to fast) which was very enjoyable as he kept us on decent roads. I understand that Kev at the back of the group had a high old time and thought that this was one of the best runs of the year, what do you think? The weather was pleasant and so we sat outside and enjoyed a drink, some even had pudding.

Tuesday 23 August – The Bay Horse

Bay Horse run was led by Dave S our chairman, who set a gentle pace, on some new (to me) roads passing through Manby to North Somercoates and the Bay Horse, the items of note for this run were Dave’s SatNav deciding that we should go in the opposite direction and three quesionable pints of beer, which were changed straight away, over all an enjoyable run.

Tue 16th August – The Splash (clunker 2)

The Splash at little Cawthorpe situated in the Wolds, the run led by Dave T passed through some great vistas, and along one of my all time favourite roads, the Blue Stone Heath. The run was intended to be at a pace suited to the small and old bikes that some club members have, also for the learners on 125’s. Yours truly dragged the cover off of the chariot (my gt550 outfit ). thinking that it would be just the ticket, Well folks I can tell you that a 125 on a twisty road is easier than a sidecar, especially one with limited ballast, a 4 stone weight and Teddy bear. Interestingly I had a comment that it was nice to have a run at that pace. The destination as always was busy and well worth the fight with my chariot. Thank you Dave.

Tues 9th August – A not the Red Lion run.

The previous week we had passed the Finch Hatton Arms, and as I had still little idea of where to take the club on this run, I accepted providences suggestion and set to looking at the map. I finally set the route along some of the roads that I enjoy, in the hope that others also did. The route in short took us to Spilsby, Horncastle, Bardney, Nocton, Scopwick, Ruskington and finishing at Ewerby and the Finch Hatton Arms. Where one of our number was greeted by the barmaid in the manner of the prodigal son, no it was not his wife.

Sun 31st July – Bar-b-Q at Whittlesea

This run was led by Paul T using a route set by our chairman, who it would seem was trying to avoid the A17 when going to Sutton Bridge, almost succeeded only a couple hundred yards was used, there seems to be no other way to cross the river Welland. This of course meant that we were on some singularly interesting roads.

Though the best example of poor road structure was the section that our leader added at the end of the run leading into Whittlesea. The Bar-b-cue cum bike show was certainly worth the ride if only for the burgers, the best I have had in a long time. A great day was had.


Wishing Well Rideout 26th July

wisshingwell001The 26th July arrived, time to try the ride out to the Wishing Well at Dyke a second time, after being rained off for the first 3 of my rides out! Surprisingly it wasn’t raining this time, and 9 bikes and riders gathered on the car park. I had varied the run in a few places, 51 miles across the wilds of Lincolnshire, my main concern was to get Kev there before the kitchens closed, as my sat nav originally gave an arrival time of 9.30pm!

The Old Nags Head Edale Ride Out Sunday 17th July

edale001Cracking ride out to the Old Nags Head Edale! 7 bikes and 8 people, including Nick on a Harley from the Lincs Riders Club, and 2 new club members on their first club ride out. We left the Hammer & Pincers @ 0930, coffee break at the Forest Corner Cafe in Ollerton, despite my misunderstanding instructions resulting in Paul, Sandra & Nick carrying on for a few miles before returning!  On through Chesterfield to the Peak District, Curbar Edge, Stanage Edge for a couple of photos, then to Hope and the Old Nags Head in Edale for lunch.  Return trip was by Baslow, (Paul Taylor branching out on his own again!), Chatsworth, Eyam, cross country to Mansfield, Pub break as Mick and Paul stopped for a chat, then the backroads to Newark and home.  200 miles in the sunshine!


Lincolnshire the other way

What seems to becoming an annual event, the ride around the boarder of Lincolnshire gained a rider list of eight club members to start, but as also seems to be the case we have less at the finish. This year saw the rain start as we set off along John Adams Way, and stay with us until just before our lunch stop at Susworth. This year we headed clockwise, taking in the southern boundary first during which the rain was persistant, making our first stop at the OK diner at South Witham, where we left the staff with a health and safety problem, puddles on the floor, no not that kind, water from our waterproofs, bless them they took it all in their stride. Breakfast taken care of, we set off reluctantly as it was now slinging it down, so much so that our first leaver, decided that not being able to see very well meant that he could not continue, so he headed home. The rain stayed with us until just before the Lunch stop at Susworth. The bikes were draped in wet wet weather gear whilst we had a bit of lunch, it was at this point that Mark informed us that a date with a collar and tie oh, and his lady meant that he was leaving the run also. This resulted in s serious amount of chelp being heaped upon him. Soon after leaving the lunch stop, Paul discovered that his BMW was bitching about insufficient air in the back tyre, If I recall correctly he was down to about twenty psi by the time we found some where to replace the lost air. By the time we got round to Skegness we were all dried out and ready for ice cream and do-nuts having enjoyed some of the better roads of the trip, but being aware that the worst was yet to come. And it was, the last seven miles had some of the muckiest and wettest roads we rode, the local council can be proud, I ended the run with wet feet again. Would I do it another time? You know I might just.

SuperSausage Run

At 09:30 three intrepid riders set off from the Hammer and Pincers, irrespective of what the weather forecast thought might happen. The ride was highlighted by the amount of rain, though it would be wrong to say it only rained, just a lot of the time. It has also been seen that our chairmans Harley does go out in the rain and indeed gets mucky, I mean a Harley! The SuperSausage cafe was packed, a queue for food and hope that a table was available once the order was taken,this seemed to work, helped in no small part by the staff clearing plates as soon as empty. The breakfast was plentiful and good, yours truly failed in his attempt to eat it all.

Clunker Run

Clunker Run

A surprising number of non-clunkers turned up for the Clunker Run and despite the max 50mph limit they all seemed to enjoy the run. The A52 has become boring for normal riding but the numerous speed limits were not an issue for the Clunkers that ranged from a 500 Daytona (oldest clunker) to a couple of Urals and one of our learner members on his 125 Honda. We eventually reached the Wolds where the roads got more interesting with some enjoyably narrow roads through the back side of Old Bolingbroke finally arriving at the Red Lion at Revesby for refreshments. The novelty of riding helmetless in a sidecar didn’t last once we came across a resurfaced road with Kev regretting his lidless decision especially when he took a few 50 mph hits from airborn insects! By the way, racing on the public highway is illegal, although the fact that one of the vehicles involved could barely trouble the national speed limit, the case to be made for the prosecution would have dubious chance of success. And anyway, when it comes to sidecars there are no winners, just questions of degrees of sanity.