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Six Counties run

6 start 6
Six started out on the Six Counties run from the Hammer and Pincers.

Six of us met at the Hammer & Pincers at  9.00 am.Club members Ricardo, Phil, Kev and myself plus two non members Adrian from Ramsey and Andy who I think lives in Potton. After a short time on the A17 we rode the more interesting roads to Byards Leap cafe just off the A17 near RAF Cranwell.

Eight more riders joined us, three members and five non members making fourteen bikes in all.

After refreshments we set off at 10.45 on well surfaced minor roads going out of Lincs. into Notts. between Claypole and the A1. After a few miles in Notts. we went into Leics. just before Bottisford where the road was closed,but we got through without going in the ford. Most of the route  was in Leics. on scenic interesting roads including single track with passing places, twisty B roads and good surfaced unclassified roads, although some had gravel washed down the middle and some farms had mud and other substances on the road but neither interfered with the riding.

14 stop
14 stopped at  Eyebrook reservoir.
Leaving Leics. near Eyebrook Reservoir where we stopped for a break and photo, setting off we entered Northants. at Thorpe by Water after a very short time in Rutland.On into Cambs. near Wansford again  after a short spell in Northants.
 About this time some bikes needed fuel, so a stop was made on the busy A47, this is where things went wrong, from the fuel stop to a left turn off the A47 a distance of about a mile we managed to lose two riders, member Alan and non member Tony.
 I had hoped to stop for lunch at Willowbrook Farm near Helpston but as we were a large group and the cafe small I decided to go to the Iron Horse in Market Deeping which put us back into Lincs.
Iron Horse Ranch
Iron Horse Ranch
After lunch we split up some making their own way home, others visiting bike shops in Peterboro. Five of us rode back to Boston on minor roads where we said goodbye to Kev and Andy.
Phil, Ricardo and myself going on to the Hammer for coffee and a chat.
The route distance was 160 miles from my house in Butterwick and back which took about 4.5 hours of interesting riding at a leisurely pace passing through scenic villages with thatched roofs, and scenic countryside with forests and rolling hills.

And finally 3 stopped for coffee at the Hammer and Pincers.


Another Red Lion run

Led by yours truly on a day, that to be kind was changeable, the weather that is, sun, hail, rain and snow, all were to be experienced before the end of the day. Five hardy souls showed for this run to find another Red Lion public house that was open. Prior to the run I had planned a route around the Wolds that included some of my favourite roads, on a test ride I established that it would take over 1.5hrs, possibly a bit long given the weather, so some of the roads were cut on the evening, leaving one of the shorter runs we have done, about 50 minutes I believe. The roads were damp and greasy, which added to the entertainment, I had the rear wheel slide a couple of times once resulting in a foot going out in case… Phil had a skittish moment or too as well. The original destination the Red Lion at Partney was closed so we aimed for the Red Lion in Spilsby, where the AJS and Matchless club were meeting. A pleasant evening was passed a pint and kebab almost made getting soaked through on the way home worth it, almost.

Hammer and Pincers run

Membership renewal Pt 2

This was in interesting run into the sun for the first part, about nine bikes and one brave person on a trike started out, the trike driver/rider decided that discretion was the better part of valour as they say and opted to drop out after about 25 Minutes, I cant say I blame him as my forays into 3 wheeled transport have convinced me that the are not meant for travel at any speed and I mean any.

Dave T led us into the sun for the first half of the run, suggestions for dealing with low sun on a postcard please. As with most runs that I partake of I invariably could not tell you where I have been only that it was or not an enjoyable run,this was. The run culminated in a barbecue at the Hammer and Pincers where we met up with our trike pilot and enjoyed a burger or two deftly served by Paul and Glen, thanks guys. This was also an opportunity to renew your membership if you hadn’t already, I seem to recall about 4 did.


Woody’s Bar run

It feels like it’s been a long wet winter! Our first ride out of 2016 was the previous week, with Andy Carrott leading us to the OK Diner. Week 2 was my turn to lead, to Woody’s Bar, Ancaster. I planned the same ‘planned’ route as last year. Hopefully this year would not divert us onto the A1 as it did in 2015, due to roadworks and road closures! I was a little concerned that my route would be too similar to Caz’s ride the week previous. But when comparing the routes, they were actually about 75% different. 

The weather had not been good earlier in the day, so I wasn’t expecting a good turn out this evening. When I arrived at Wide Bargate, there was about a dozen eager riders waiting for me. There were some new faces too, which is always good to see. On the way to Boston, my sat nav/mobile phone had been upset by a number of missed calls and messages! One of those being Dave Tuley, who after a seemingly lengthy phone discussion managed to arrange a meeting point in Folkingham. The other mystery caller was Paul Taylor, who just caught us as we left Wide Bargate.

Once underway, and out along the A52, we turned off towards Horbling. We enjoyed some nice, fairly twisty B-roads, picking up Dave Tuley along the way. From Lenton to Irnham I managed to find some good (?) narrow gravel covered roads with some grass growing up the middle (I must get myself an adventure bike!) On the way from Corby Glen to Grantham we took some nice flowing roads along the B1176. From Grantham to Ancaster it was a long straight road, along the High Dyke. I did have a little more potentially interesting roads up my sleeve, but was mindful of our greedier members, and the kitchen closing at 8:30pm!

We got to our destination at Woody’s Bar safely about 8:20pm. I was ‘told off’ on arrival for not listening to my phone messages by Mr Taylor! We’d ‘nearly’ gone without him! It reminded of the time I was ‘nearly’ scalded by someone bumping into me, and spilling piping hot coffee all over my hand! So not a bad night, good weather, a varied selection of different roads, some that a few members had not ridden before. I’m now looking forward to my next ride to the Dolphin Fish and Chips Restaurant, Sutton on Sea!


OK Diner Run

The Tuesday evening ride season opener to the OK Diner attracted 12 bikes and 14 people.  A real mix of roads from single track to dual carriageway had something for everyone as did the menu.

Helmets parked
Helmets parked
At the ready
At the ready

Prompt service, full plates and unlimited drinks meant no one should have left under fed. There were mixed views over the best way home with even the sat navs inconsistent in their directions although it does help if you don’t miss the turning Paul.

Andy Carrott

Regularity Trial

Eleven members turned up for the annual regularity trial. This event is usually organized by Caz, who wasn’t available so Dave Tuley stepped in.

Riders are timed over a predetermined course and have to average a set speed over the distance.

The course consisted of turning left out of the Hammer and Pincers taking the second exit from the roundabout and then immediately right onto Old Hammond Beck Rd, left onto Fen Rd, next right onto Silvertoft Lane, right again onto Holmes Lane to the Four Cross Roads, then right to return to the Hammer and Pincers via the A52. Dave Tuley rode the route and set the standard time which equated to an average of 32 mph.

Eight riders then tried to ride the same route as close to the 32mph average as they could.

One rider who shall remain nameless managed to go via Kirton End! Everyone else managed to follow the route and were timed out and back in at the Hammer and Pincers by Dave Tuley who then worked out the average speeds.

Most riders were very close, ranging from 28 to 33 mph, Mick Andrews forgot the “it’s not a race” rule and managed to average 43.2 mph!

The final result was so close many decimal places were required to split second and first. Kev Copeland was within 2 seconds of standard time but was pipped to the post by Glen Taylor who was within 1 second. Well done Glen!

Dave Tuley

Daves Humber Bridge Run (midweek)

It was a bright sunny Thursday morning when three intrepid travellers set off to find the Humber Bridge which according to our leader’s sat nav did not exist, the hunt was on. Dave S was the expedition leader Myself and AlanT followed. The weather was excellent, evidenced by AlanT being there. The route took us up the Caister High Street and a couple of new roads to me before we hit the A15 to cross the bridge, yes it did exist and could be crossed.

Humber Bridge

Coffee was had at the Humber Bridge country park, well warm dark liquid anyway, after a brief interlude we went down to the water front to get some photographic evidence of the trip, the pics can be seen on the club web site and facebook pages.

The route home included a hunt around Caister for the most expensive petrol in the county, we were successful, DaveS and AlanT were less than enamoured of the cost. Then via yet more new roads to me we headed for the Bluestone Heath road.


On to Woodhall Spar for a cream tea at the café in the woods, very civilised. Then Home a thoroughly excellent day.

Toy Run 2015

09:30 on a sharp and I’m told foggy in some parts, morning, the Hammer and Pincers opened to serve breakfast to a group of motorcyclists, very good it was too. This was the start to the anual BMR Toy Run to the Pilgrim hospital which calls at the market place in Boston to complete the second aspect of the run which is in support of the local women’s refuge.


A brief tour of the town, led as usual by Paul with Santa in his sidecar followed by some 25 ish bikes, suitably decorated in tinsel, as said before we stopped in the market place,


where donations to the refuge were presented to representative of the refuge. Shortly after we carried on to the hospital, where the toys were taken to the children’s ward by Santa and his helpers.


Coffee and a chat was enjoyed by us, make more enjoyable as the club paid for it.

Roll on next year


Round Robin 15 September 2015

Six riders turned up at Bargate for the final Tuesday evening run with the weather set fair, including Mr Taylor on a resplendent new BMW. Richard turned up on the Puch due to bike changing circumstances, and decided to take a more direct route to the Hammer and Pincers. The other five set off with Dave T. leading on a round about route via Antons Gowt, Langrick Bridge, Hubberts Bridge, Swineshead, Wigtoft, Kirton and Kirton End. Mostly B class roads, the odd bit of A road, and of course the obligatory unclassified strewn with gravel!
Everyone arrived safe and sound at the Hammer & Pincers, the ride only lasted 45 mins but it was properly dark towards the end.
Roll on next spring!

Seaview Chippy Skegness, 8 September 2015

Paul led a small goup to Skegness for a fish and chip supper, the run was conducted at a fair lick, that suited all that were there, I did hear steady pace and making progress, mentioned. As the conditions were mizzely (misty drizzle) I considered that the run was conducted appropriately.

The Seaview chippy like most seaside places claims its name only if you are able to sit on the top of the building, at least that does not affect their service and food which was excellent.