Fish and Chip Run

So, already my second run of 2016! My ride out was to the Dolphin Fish and Chip Restaurant at Sutton on Sea. We found this Fish and Chip shop by chance, two years ago. It seems very difficult to find a chippy by the sea that is still open at the end of our rides. The Dolphin, for three visits has stayed open for us, made us very welcome and fed us with some excellent fish and chips!

This particular Tuesday started very wet, and stayed that way right through to the evening! When I arrived at Wide Bargate, I was greeted by just one rider, Kev Copeland. I did suggest postponing our ride, but the lure of fish and chips was too much for Kev to resist.

The weather wasn’t too bad as we left Boston, just a very light drizzle. After riding through Stickney, we turned off onto some nice country backroads. We rode through, East Kirkby, Hareby, Winceby, Salmonby and Tetford. It was shortly after that the heavens opened! We pulled over to ponder waterproofs, but unwisely decided ‘it wasn’t too far!?’ Despite the heavy rain, we enjoyed some twisty roads before reaching Alford. We arrived at Sutton on Sea at about 8:20pm, and managed to park right outside The Dolphin. As ever, we received a warm welcome. After a short wait, we tucked into our fish and chip supper and hot tea and coffee! I don’t know whether the rain affected our taste buds, but the grub seemed better than ever!

With full bellies, and still no waterproofs, we set off for home. Unfortunately, the rain did not let up! But despite the soggy ride, it was still an enjoyable evening. I do feel a return visit to The Dolphin is on the cards before the 2016 ride out season is done. Hopefully with some better weather!



What’s Gone

I appear to have turned bi (that’s monthly, don’t know what you might be thinking). You’ve not missed a thing other than a last minute ride out one Sunday. That did generate a bit of discussion as to how to communicate with members when these sort of things crop up. I don’t like to rub it in but it was a very interesting visit to a small 2nd WW USAAF base in Suffolk. The museum itself was nothing spectacular (though the homemade cakes and pies were excellent, and cheap – Mick paid less for his whole dinner than he did for a coffee in a cafe later on) but the “shed” down the farm track just round the corner was quite something – two Mustangs, a Harvard trainer, Auster spotter plain, private airfield, exhibits and a gleaming hanger. No advertising it was open, no entry fee, just turn up and wander about.

In light of the inability to let everyone know we were going our illustrious Chairman sends you this message. Please stand up and salute before reading………

Club Progress – Rides Out

As we draw to the end of another successful ride out season, I have to say it’s been very satisfying to see the increase in popularity of the weekend rides out, especially as it was only a few years ago I was told they would never happen! Not so successful were the proposed midweek rides out for shift workers, those on holiday and the retired, with only the one Rutland run and Richard’s attempts in the rain! The main problem is, of course, communication, and informing others of the proposed ride, which can sometimes be at short notice. The Face Book page has been very successful, both for advertising events and rides out, and publishing the ride out reports and photo albums, this really has to be the easiest method of all, it’s a shame that more club members don’t use it, we have 229 people liking the page, but few club members!

The club website has been revamped by Richard White, and now works very well, although it hasn’t been used by any club members for some months, some have complained that they have difficulty with passwords and access; all I can say is, contact Richard and he will sort it!! The calendar on the website can be accessed without the need for a password, one option would be to remove the password requirement to gain access to the forum, so that anyone can post or read it, this can be moderated by administrators who could remove any posts we didn’t like.

An alternative method would be for all those who were interested in midweek and weekend ride outs to make their phone and emails available to the others so that they can be contacted by email, phone or text as appropriate; this can be particularly effective for short notice rides.

I would be extremely interested to hear from anyone who would like to comment or put forward their own views.

Regards David.

Right you can sit down again now. So at renewals time next year we will, subject to your agreement, harvest your email and mobile contact details, and those that wish to be communicated with will be able to email or text everyone else when they plan a ride out not on the newsletter.

National Youth Bike – the Boston team are desperate for premises. Anybody out there got, or know of, a suitable building (with a bog) they could have as a workshop? I don’t know if they specifically need a bog, but I think it would be an asset! Please let us know.

There has been rather lot done since the last newsletter. A well supported Sunday Rutland Run, Another Red Lion Run (also well supported but a bit dis-jointed – something we intend to address – see events below), the Ebrington Arms (well supported – I see a trend developing here), the Hunstanton and Wells Run (need I say it?), The OK Diner (and again). We did find an excellent chippy in Skeg and despite the drizzle the run was er….well supported as indeed was the free BBQ. Only 4 folks did the Round Robin Run (hurray, I can write something else) which was a bit shit, but then riding in the dark is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well that’s a bit of a rush through the runs, as it were, but here we are with the start of our winter programme. If you have any good ideas, no scratch the good, any ideas of what we could do over winter, please speak up.

June 2014

June 2014

The weather has been a bit hit and miss so two runs didn’t take place – the Red Lion at Newton and the Clunker Run both rained off. Tea time showers also put folks off the Wolds Bender which only attracted 4 riders despite what was a fine if a bit chilly evening. Spilsby Bike Night benefitted from fine weather and was more packed than eve with vital parking spaces taken up with a trials display. A little bird tells me that the organisers will have to start jumping through a few more hoops in order to ensure traffic still flows freely as the town ground to a halt a few times during the evening.

The Buell and European V-Twin Day and the East Kirkby Air Museum were much better than I anticipated. Glorious sunshine and a variety of air displays plus an interesting display of Italian bikes and the new EBR’s (that’s Eric Buell Racing, the new company formed by Eric Buell after Harley pulled the plug a few years back). They did let in other bikes but I suspect that they promote it as Buells and European V-twins to stop a Harley Tarts Handbag cruiser take over.

Another excellent Wheel’s Demo Day at Peterborough saw a dozen or so members enjoying a real variety of bikes. There were the usual top of the range high power sporty offerings as well as the more quirky automatic dual clutch NC series Hondas and a 3-wheel Aprillia scooter. Members were also treated to a very good breakfast foc. If you are in Peterborough and want good value food the Wheels Cafe is definitely worth a visit.

The visit to Crowland Gliding Club was also very interesting. Until you get close up to the things you don’t realise just how simple and basic they are, yet they have to be of such a clever design to be able to stay in the air for hours at a time. We also experienced the benefits of having your own club house – cheap drinks!

The Farmyard Party benefitted from some of the best weather it has experienced in years. Numbers in attendance have fallen over the past few years of washouts but this year the fine weather saw in excess of 1500 pay on the gate, with perhaps over 6000 there in total. As ever there was loads to see and do whether it be quality comedians, entertaining bands, bikes in the Bike Show or even bikes in the camping areas. And then there’s all the interesting people you get to meet too! It was good to see MAG’s new Director of Communications Lembit Öpik camping in amongst the rally-goers too – he’s certainly no stand-offish prima donna and definitely enjoys a beer and a good laugh like the rest of us.

May 2014

May 2014


THING 1 – if you haven’t renewed your membership this will be your last newsletter. You can rejoin at the Hammer and Pincers first Tuesday of the month, on most rides out or even download a form from our website and post it.

THING 2 – details for rides out in MAY have changed from the previous newsletter.

What’s Gone

We’ve had really good support for the Tuesday rides out so far this year, and long may it continue. The run to the OK Diner nearly ended up with venison on the menu by all accounts when a deer ran out in front of one of the group.  Dave led us down some interesting back roads to the Wishing Well at Dyke, some we have never been on before, which makes for a real change. He uses a bit of software to plan his routes. I think it’s called Grinder. There should be a programme called Grounder – one that identifies the worst roads. On the run to the Blue Bell Inn (which does excellent food and even has its own micro brewery producing some rather tasty beers) we encountered a diversion that took us down a road that was a small version of a big dipper and had some of us standing on the pegs over the bumps. The road was covered in marks where cars had grounded their sumps on the bumps. Not good.

I was too late up to join the ride to the Mablethorpe Bike Show so joined in with a MAG ride that was also going there. Good ride, crap show! I didn’t see any of the rest of you when I was there so I’m guessing you soon went off for a ride elsewhere. A couple of blokes at the show had ridden 150 miles to be there. Somehow I don’t think they will be repeating the journey next year.

I think Paul will probably win the Longest Tuesday Ride Out award, leading us over 69 miles of Lincolnshire’s finest roads. And no, that is not a challenge for even longer rides – that was more than enough, thank you very much. Some lousy pillock had spilt diesel on a stretch from Bucknall to Stixwold, which steadied things up on the bends, and it just started to drizzle as we entered the last mile or so, but for the majority of the ride the conditions were spot on.

BOSTON BIKE NIGHT – volunteers still needed – Contact Dave S


February 2014

What’s Gone

I should actually be at the meeting tonight but (shock, horror) l worked late so by the time tea had been masticated and phone calls answered it was well after 8, so I’m typing this instead. Shouldn’t be allowed, working late, not good for the hobbies. That’s got all our retired, time on their hands, members chuckling I’m sure. I SAID “THAT’S GOT YOU CHUCKLING I’M SURE”. They’re a bit deaf you know, you sometimes have to raise your voice. We will be starting the mid week rides soon. I SAID “WE’LL BE STARTING THE MID WEEK RIDES SOON. PLENTY OF STOPS FOR WEES.”


There is new feature on our website, namely a member’s only forum where you can post comments and discuss stuff. You will be required to register and the forum will be password controlled. Keep your eye on the website for details. Non-members will only be able to see part of the newsletter, so if you want to be able to read it all on the website you will also need to register.


So, Spalding. As the county’s foremost lacklustre motorcycling event it actually had a quite a positive air to it this year. It must have been busier because the time didn’t drag like it does sometimes. We picked up some new members, so welcome Lady and Gents to the BMRA. You join us at a time when there’s not a lot happening but Spring has nearly sprung and the Club Rides commence soon.


It was Mr Taylor that thought Bike Porn was a suitable title for our video night. That should attract attention, surely. You get 87,300,000 hits on Google if you do a search on Bike Porn (all in the name of research for the newsletter y’know) but despite its popularity on the internet it seems it didn’t appeal to many members. So it was a club night with bikes on the telly instead of football. Black and white racing footage featured a Moto Guzzi Gambalunga but for some reason some members thought I had made up the name. Now there’s an idea for a quiz section – Real or Not Real.


And so to our AGM, where nothing too contentious or dramatic occurred. The accounts were accounted, the proposals were proposed, and the Chairman of the last 9 years, Mr Paul Facey, stood down. It goes without saying that we all appreciated Paul’s leadership over that time and the meeting recorded him a vote of thanks. His position has been taken by David Simpson who you all know as the Bike Night Event Manager. Good luck David. Whilst one David stood up another stood down – Dave Goodger left the committee after his second stint as a Committee member. We have at least 2 new Committee members, Dave Tuley (this may be his second coming as well) and Richard White (our web maestro). Steven (Malcolm) received an award for services to the club (as a non-committee member he has raised more money at events than any other member). Paul and Sandra Taylor received the Gostlow Trophy for their continued support and work for the club.


January 2014

What’s Gone

Whilst you may want to put the festive season behind you and look forward to the year ahead we cannot let our two Christmas events pass without comment. The Toy Run and Charity Ride was once again a success with support from lots of members and The Eagles MCC. Despite bright sunshine the roads were very slimy and we had one mishap when Carla locked up her brakes and binned her bike at slow speed, head butting the road in the process.  I am pleased to say that she was not seriously injured but did look rather black and blue and if not fully recovered, won’t be far off. The bike should also make a full recovery. The Women’s Refuge were full of praise for our donations, and a little girl in hospital was chuffed to bits that Santa had made a special trip to see her because she wouldn’t be at home over Christmas. Well worth the effort folks.

Yet again the Hammer and Pincers laid on an excellent Christmas spread and we had 32 members and guests in attendance. Booze and good company was also in abundance. Same again next year please.

I must not forget the auction in November. Always a laugh, this (last) year was no exception with a lot of money raised for club funds and bargains for the members (I even bought a BMW collapsible bucket.  You never know, it might come in). Also in November Mark gave us a very informative talk on the riding test changes and was hardly bullied at all.

The Year Ahead

We have a few winter activities planned but spring is just around the corner and by the time you receive the next copy of the newsletter it will include lots of rides out. If you are planning a ride out somewhere why not turn it into a club event and include it on the newsletter. Just email me the details to ajcarrotts@tiscali.co.uk. This next bit really says something about the club – we are considering mid-week daytime RETIRED MEMBERS rides out!!!! What’s the motorcycling world coming to……………..

MAG News

If you haven’t seen it elsewhere already you might be surprised to learn that ex-MP Lembit Öpik now works for MAG. That’s right: the man who went out with a Cheeky Girl and Sian Lloyd is now campaigning for riders’ rights. I’ve met him and he seems a decent bloke (who has had bikes since he was a teenager and currently rides a ’78 GS 1000).  So I suppose he now works for you as our affiliation fee helps pay his wages. The other latest good news is that we have successfully beaten the EU’s proposed implementation of the super-MOT. Hooray for MAG and all the other lobbying groups that have got this rubbish thrown out.