25th Anniversary Gathering 15 August 2015

Our big 25th Anniversary social event went very well. Over 60 members old and new gathered at the Hammer and Pincers to reminisce, take the piss, and generally have a good chinwag.


We had a bit of fun voting for best bike with trophies as follows:

Best Bike – members – Phil’s loud and shiny Yamaha XV 1700 Roadstar Warrior,

Best bike – visitors – Glen’s stunningly beautiful BSA A10 Super Rocket,

Oldest Combined Bike and Rider – John W and Triumph (128 years),


Bike Most People Wanted To take Home – Tony T’s R1200R BMW,


Bike Most People Wanted Someone Else To Take Home – Ricado’s Puch Maxi (little did they know what power lurks between those pedals otherwise they would have voted for something else).


The pub did us proud with some lovely grub and after trophy  presentations and a few speeches it was time for some rather tasty birthday cake made by Sue W.


Thanks to one and all for making it such a good day.