January 2014

What’s Gone

Whilst you may want to put the festive season behind you and look forward to the year ahead we cannot let our two Christmas events pass without comment. The Toy Run and Charity Ride was once again a success with support from lots of members and The Eagles MCC. Despite bright sunshine the roads were very slimy and we had one mishap when Carla locked up her brakes and binned her bike at slow speed, head butting the road in the process.  I am pleased to say that she was not seriously injured but did look rather black and blue and if not fully recovered, won’t be far off. The bike should also make a full recovery. The Women’s Refuge were full of praise for our donations, and a little girl in hospital was chuffed to bits that Santa had made a special trip to see her because she wouldn’t be at home over Christmas. Well worth the effort folks.

Yet again the Hammer and Pincers laid on an excellent Christmas spread and we had 32 members and guests in attendance. Booze and good company was also in abundance. Same again next year please.

I must not forget the auction in November. Always a laugh, this (last) year was no exception with a lot of money raised for club funds and bargains for the members (I even bought a BMW collapsible bucket.  You never know, it might come in). Also in November Mark gave us a very informative talk on the riding test changes and was hardly bullied at all.

The Year Ahead

We have a few winter activities planned but spring is just around the corner and by the time you receive the next copy of the newsletter it will include lots of rides out. If you are planning a ride out somewhere why not turn it into a club event and include it on the newsletter. Just email me the details to ajcarrotts@tiscali.co.uk. This next bit really says something about the club – we are considering mid-week daytime RETIRED MEMBERS rides out!!!! What’s the motorcycling world coming to……………..

MAG News

If you haven’t seen it elsewhere already you might be surprised to learn that ex-MP Lembit Öpik now works for MAG. That’s right: the man who went out with a Cheeky Girl and Sian Lloyd is now campaigning for riders’ rights. I’ve met him and he seems a decent bloke (who has had bikes since he was a teenager and currently rides a ’78 GS 1000).  So I suppose he now works for you as our affiliation fee helps pay his wages. The other latest good news is that we have successfully beaten the EU’s proposed implementation of the super-MOT. Hooray for MAG and all the other lobbying groups that have got this rubbish thrown out.