January 2015

What’s Gone

The BMRA Idiot’s Guide to the use of (anti)Social Media seems an age ago but was actually only last month. It was interesting to learn just how long some of this webtwaddle has been about, for example the World Wide Web was developed back in 1989 and was released into the wild in 1993. Then, like most invasive species, it found its way into everything and seemingly can no longer be controlled. Facebook didn’t appear until 2004 but has grown to 1.35 billion users and, at least for the time being, is our best way to communicate the latest news. So if you haven’t found our Facebook presence it’s about time you did. Just in case there’s any confusion out there amongst our less internet-savvy members you DO NOT need a password or user name to view the club website and event diary. Similarly you do not need to have joined Facebook to view our Facebook page. Just enter the club name into Google and both options should appear.

Unfortunately I missed the Charity Ride but my informants tell me about 26 bikes and 2 combos took part. The Toy run to Pilgrim Hospital plus collection for Women’s Refuge were both well supported so thanks to everyone involved. Thanks also to Mark and Donna for their fun Christmas Quiz. I’m afraid to see that Jane and I failed miserably and won it, which means we have to organise the next one. The mince pies were good too, with a big bowl of ice cream for extra measure.

I can’t fault the Christmas Party either. A huge turn-out of members, excellent food by all accounts (two of us had to miss out having already had one Christmas dinner that day, but reports were that the Hammer and Pincers carvery was spot on), and our big prize giveaway went down really well too (as did the double whiskies). Our traditional annual night out on the town got as far as the Eagle on West Street but those of us that turned up did our best to try as many different beverages as possible and there was little point wasting drinking time by going elsewhere.

I knew there was something I’ve missed – Happy New Year!

Bike Night Update – volunteers still needed so don’t be shy.

Products Help Needed – can you design a T-shirt?  We need a good design for a new range for Boston Bike Night. If you can incorporate the stump and a bike somehow, all the better. Please email info@boston-motorcycle-riders-association.co.uk

Anniversary Year News – it’s our 25th anniversary AGM in February. No buffet this year because we’re having a get together on Friday 13th Feb, the actual anniversary date of the BMRA’s first meeting. There’s free bangers and mash for everyone who turns up on the 13th, but please note, it’s pre-book only.