January 2017


Ten intrepid people showed their skills at the Boston Bowl on Thursday 26th January, It was an excellent evening which in my opinion would bear repeating.
The high scorer for the evening was CliveT followed by PhilR and DaveM close behind.

Marco Polo’s talk

Mark Piercy came along and showed some pictures of our trip to the south of France in September 2016.

  Three of us rode through France to meet two wifes at Perpignan airport, We then rode along the South of France, passing through the Ardech,Canyon of Verdun, Provence and into the Alps along the France, Italy border,before dropping the two ladies off at Lyon airport,leaving three of us to ride back to the tunnel to catch the train home.

Spalding bike show

I had planned to take my bike or side car to put on the stand, but as with all these things my plans failed to materialise, but never mind the show was interesting, we had a couple of people join the club. The lead weighted helmet had it’s weight changed again and was pressed into service, with a guess the weight competition. I had a wonder around the show, and bought a shirt, like you do. Met a few people that I haven’t seen in a while, if it were not for the attendance of these events I sometimes wonder if I would loose contact with a number of people. Apart from that I find that a lot of shows are becoming quite stale (is that the right word). What do you think? Let me know.