July 2015

What’s Gone

Boston Bike Night – brought to you by Paul, Al, Ricardo, Dave and Dave, our dedicated Bike Night Committee. They can jump through more hoops than a rhythmic gymnast, and have to in order to bring us not just the jewel in the bike club’s crown but a jewel of an event in Boston’s crown too. It’s not just them we have to thank: there’s also our Bike Night Stewards, a hardy bunch of club members and public who stand and point all night to get the bikes in the right places. And then there’s our sponsors. Sports Bike Shop, J and B, Greggs, Costa Coffee, Rice and Spice, and Tates Fish and Chips whose contributions are vital. But then there’s a special group of sponsors. Unlike those already mentioned, that either directly or indirectly benefit from the event, there’re three local companies that have nothing to do with motorcycles but still support us – TFMs, Fenland Fasteners and Silt Side Service. If you use any of these companies please remember to thank them for their support. Our best ever bike night? I think the answer is yes!

And so to a round-up of rides out. Clunker 1 took us down some roads I had never ridden before, and I was the one leading the run! We even had a proper old bike for once, with Mark on his dad’s 500 Triumph. It was also good to see two of our younger members meet us at the Ebrington Arms on their 50cc Puchs. Eighty two bends apparently make up the Wolds Bender, so not a run for those who want to go fast in a straight line. I didn’t go so I shall assume everyone was extremely well behaved. My sat nav decided it didn’t like the route I plotted to the Peterborough Bike Night but having spent ages plotting the route on my lap top I remembered almost all of it keeping us out of the built up areas as much as possible and passing through some villages where most of us can’t afford to buy a house! Disappointing bike night though. It’s a weekly event with a hit and miss turn out and was very quiet – we quadrupled the number of bikes.

I suspect morning rainfall put people off the Horum Airfield run but once out of town it was dry all the way and it was a good run. Shame it wasn’t better supported but that’s how it goes sometimes. I missed it and the Massingberd Arms run too so sorry, no detailed report on that one either.

25 years ago……..

….we could never have predicted that we would be taking over the town, just for bikers! Back then we couldn’t just turn up at a pub; we often had to visit first to ask permission. More than once we were asked to park round the back so we didn’t put off regulars (we didn’t go back!). My how things have changed. We regularly get asked to organise a bike night at pubs or other venues – businesses have realised the value of the biker pound. We still suffer those age- old prejudices though: BBC Radio Lincolnshire asked me at the Bike Night if we were expecting any trouble, what with the reputation of bikers and Hells Angels (or words to that effect).  That took me by so much surprise I dropped my flick knife and spat out the chicken’s head onto a passing mod, then wrecked a pub just to calm myself down.

25th Anniversary Gathering, Saturday 15th August 3.00pm onwards – calling all current and ex-members!!!! We have a special event on Saturday 15th August celebrating 25 years of the club. There’ll be a ride-in bike show with various prizes – oldest combined bike and rider, best bike: member, best bike: visitor, bike you would most like to take home, bike you would most like someone else to take home, food (subsidised by the club), birthday cake, and hopefully a few special guests. All members past and present welcome so if you know any ex-members please let them know.

And I don’t want to be pessimistic but the nights are drawing in and you’ve got about 6 or 7 evening rides out in daylight left so let’s see you on the Tuesday rides out!