June 2014

June 2014

The weather has been a bit hit and miss so two runs didn’t take place – the Red Lion at Newton and the Clunker Run both rained off. Tea time showers also put folks off the Wolds Bender which only attracted 4 riders despite what was a fine if a bit chilly evening. Spilsby Bike Night benefitted from fine weather and was more packed than eve with vital parking spaces taken up with a trials display. A little bird tells me that the organisers will have to start jumping through a few more hoops in order to ensure traffic still flows freely as the town ground to a halt a few times during the evening.

The Buell and European V-Twin Day and the East Kirkby Air Museum were much better than I anticipated. Glorious sunshine and a variety of air displays plus an interesting display of Italian bikes and the new EBR’s (that’s Eric Buell Racing, the new company formed by Eric Buell after Harley pulled the plug a few years back). They did let in other bikes but I suspect that they promote it as Buells and European V-twins to stop a Harley Tarts Handbag cruiser take over.

Another excellent Wheel’s Demo Day at Peterborough saw a dozen or so members enjoying a real variety of bikes. There were the usual top of the range high power sporty offerings as well as the more quirky automatic dual clutch NC series Hondas and a 3-wheel Aprillia scooter. Members were also treated to a very good breakfast foc. If you are in Peterborough and want good value food the Wheels Cafe is definitely worth a visit.

The visit to Crowland Gliding Club was also very interesting. Until you get close up to the things you don’t realise just how simple and basic they are, yet they have to be of such a clever design to be able to stay in the air for hours at a time. We also experienced the benefits of having your own club house – cheap drinks!

The Farmyard Party benefitted from some of the best weather it has experienced in years. Numbers in attendance have fallen over the past few years of washouts but this year the fine weather saw in excess of 1500 pay on the gate, with perhaps over 6000 there in total. As ever there was loads to see and do whether it be quality comedians, entertaining bands, bikes in the Bike Show or even bikes in the camping areas. And then there’s all the interesting people you get to meet too! It was good to see MAG’s new Director of Communications Lembit Öpik camping in amongst the rally-goers too – he’s certainly no stand-offish prima donna and definitely enjoys a beer and a good laugh like the rest of us.