June 2015

What’s Gone

After a dry April, May decided to be at times wet and/or cold. Twas indeed both just before the OK Diner Run and this no doubt deterred some riders but the thought of a good feed still drew a reasonable crowd. Even more turned up for the Sutton-on-Sea Fish and Chips run. Mark took us down a few roads that I’ve certainly never been down before and even through a village I had never heard of. Even after 25 years of blundering about the Lincolnshire countryside there are still new roads to be found.

The run to the “Super Sausage” petrol heads cafe was blessed with sunshine. The ride was led by Paul, whose route left the main roads the other side of Peterborough and took to some of the more interesting byways. On arrival at the Super Sausage Café it was crowded out with bikes. The breakfast was excellent breakfast (and more than Ricardo could manage), with proper tea and staff that are very efficient. The return run was through some of the prettiest villages seen in a long while (many chocolate box covers). The route had loads of interesting lanes and roads, including one with a gate.

The Wheels Demo Day was a great success with a big turnout from the club. I was really looking forward to a ride on the new 1400cc Guzzi California until Paul broke it on its first ride. There was something for everyone, including a scooter with 3 wheels (for those broad-minded enough to experience other machines) and enough bhp available on other bikes to scare you silly.

Ricardo’s “Another Red Lion” Run was afflicted by gales and, unsurprisingly, only 3 riders turned up but had an enjoyable ride by all accounts and enjoyed the hospitality at The Red Lion in East Kirkby, which serves some locally produced beer from Horncastle Ales as well as Batemans. Apparently the “Midnight Tempter”, a dark ale, was worth the trip alone with “Lillith’s Lust” equally good.

Boston Bike Night
Yes, the day is nearly upon us and, as ever, we need stewards to help with parking and the club stand. The event is now so big it’s gone beyond the seeing who’s there on the night stage, we need your support in advance. Please contact Dave S.

25 years ago.
Newsletter No. 4 tells me that we were moving from monthly meetings to every two weeks, such was the popularity of Tuesday rides out, and that 18 bikes had been on a run to The Marshall Arms at Scamblesby, owned by former racer Roger Marshall. It became a popular night out for a small group of us who would go there for a serious night on the beer every couple of months or so. A year or so after Roger sold the pub he went on a book tour and at his presentation at Blackfriars in Boston he came into the bar afterwards, recognised us and bought us all a pint. Nice bloke. You’ll have to buy his book to see which famous rider’s father tried to bribe him to throw a race! We carried on using the pub (which later reverted to its original name of The Green Man), even having the odd camping/BBQ event there. The barman, who went by the name of Bram Tchaikovsky (once a guitarist with the successful 70’s group called The Motors) threw together a band for one event. Turned out the drummer was from heavy metal band Saxon. It was perhaps the only time he had been paid in burgers.