June 2016

Do you remember your first bike, no, the first legal on the road bike? What was happening in the world at that time, the motorcyclists world?

My bike was an Enfield 250 GT, fitted with high bars and a king and queen seat, I know, what a mess, cafe racer meets easy rider, I was 16 and it was as they say the dogs wotsits, to me anyway.

That little machine transported me around Bristol, up to Lincolnshire and back on many occasions and to London to many times, the result of the girlfriend of the time living there. It taught me about the internal combustion engine, bikes and what spares/tools to carry at all times as reliability was not what it is today. Sometimes I wore a helmet, but only if on a long trip, my bike gear consisted of jeans, t shirt, Belstaff jacket and boots. None of which were waterproof, eventually I got some over trousers and a jacket but these were only moderately successful. I still get wet on occasion due to less than effective waterproofs, so time has not provided fully effective clothing.

The world of biking was changing fast or should I say was about to. 1970 was when I got my license (provisional), a couple of years later 16 year olds were limited to 50cc, another couple and helmets were compulsory. MAG came into being, BMF had been around for a while, interestingly, both organisations are fighting for your rights as a motorcyclist, and both seem to have polar views on how to do this.

Any way, what were you up to in the 70’s? let me know or put a few words together and we will put it in the newsletter, if it is printable.

Phil Bosley

It is my sad duty to inform you that a club member has died, Phil Bosley whom I would describe as a true gentleman has passed away, this came as a shock to me as only recently I was talking to him. His funeral took place on 27th May. An escort of 6 bikes accompanied the hearse to the crematorium at Surfleet. Our thoughts and condolences are with the family.

Boston Bike Night 7th July

Please note this date, the Bike night is the club’s and the town’s best, no greatest evening event, if you can help please contact one of the committee.

We need all the help we can get to put on this event, taking part gives me one of the biggest buzzes that I get in the year. So come along and help us and your club.

Off Road event

Mark is trying to organise an off road session, this is to take part on a motocross track, bikes will be on loan from Mark and . The cost is to be about £10.00 and it will be an evening session, suggested time of 20:30 to 21:00 ish, a café will be available I am told. If you are interested contact Mark.

Clunker Run

A surprising number of non-clunkers turned up for the Clunker Run and despite the max 50mph limit they all seemed to enjoy the run. The A52 has become boring for normal riding but the numerous speed limits were not an issue for the Clunkers that ranged from a 500 Daytona (oldest clunker) to a couple of Urals and one of our learner members on his 125 Honda. We eventually reached the Wolds where the roads got more interesting with some enjoyably narrow roads through the back side of Old Bolingbroke finally arriving at the Red Lion at Revesby for refreshments. The novelty of riding helmetless in a sidecar didn’t last once we came across a resurfaced road with Kev regretting his lidless decision especially when he took a few 50 mph hits from airborn insects! By the way, racing on the public highway is illegal, although the fact that one of the vehicles involved could barely trouble the national speed limit, the case to be made for the prosecution would have dubious chance of success. And anyway, when it comes to sidecars there are no winners, just questions of degrees of sanity.

Dolphin Fish and Chips Run

So, already my second run of 2016! My ride out was to the Dolphin Fish and Chip Restaurant at Sutton on Sea. We found this Fish and Chip shop by chance, two years ago. It seems very difficult to find a chippy by the sea that is still open at the end of our rides. The Dolphin, for three visits has stayed open for us, made us very welcome and fed us with some excellent fish and chips!

This particular Tuesday started very wet, and stayed that way right through to the evening! When I arrived at Wide Bargate, I was greeted by just one rider, Kev Copeland. I did suggest postponing our ride, but the lure of fish and chips was too much for Kev to resist.

The weather wasn’t too bad as we left Boston, just a very light drizzle. After riding through Stickney, we turned off onto some nice country backroads. We rode through, East Kirkby, Hareby, Winceby, Salmonby and Tetford. It was shortly after that the heavens opened! We pulled over to ponder waterproofs, but unwisely decided ‘it wasn’t too far!?’ Despite the heavy rain, we enjoyed some twisty roads before reaching Alford. We arrived at Sutton on Sea at about 8:20pm, and managed to park right outside The Dolphin. As ever, we received a warm welcome. After a short wait, we tucked into our fish and chip supper and hot tea and coffee! I don’t know whether the rain affected our taste buds, but the grub seemed better than ever!

With full bellies, and still no waterproofs, we set off for home. Unfortunately, the rain did not let up! But despite the soggy ride, it was still an enjoyable evening. I do feel a return visit to The Dolphin is on the cards before the 2016 ride out season is done. Hopefully with some better weather!


Wishing Well Run

Dave gave me his report on his Wishing Well run verbally, I am in little danger of getting this wrong, so here goes.

“I got the bike out of the garage, and rode up to Bargate, waited until 19:15 and then rode home.”

It should be noted that it was absolutely p*$$ing it down, so hats off to Dave for getting the Harley out in most unlike Harley weather.