Krazy Horse Run. 9 April 2015

Thursday  9th April 09:15, the sun was shining and a group of the BMR had met up at the Hammer for a run out to a Mecca of customised motorcycles known as Krazy Horse.

DSCN1786The run out was led by Andy, who used the old school navigation method of a scrap of paper taped to his arm, an excellent run. thank you Andy.

DSCN1787On arrival at Krazy Horse I was in full drool mode, it was a kin to being in an art gallery, oh to be a lottery winner, I should have at least one piece of art work for the lounge.

DSCN1789I mean you would, wouldn’t you? An Ekerslike what else…..

DSCN1794or maybe……..

Ah well I’ll just have to keep doing the lottery and dreaming. Still the breakfast was affordable and worth it.

DSCN1801We retired to the café  for breakfast, tea, coffee and so on.

DSCN1800After some more drooling we headed homeward, Led by Paul using modern tech, a Sat Nav that I can only assume he spent a fair amount of time programming or it has a function to find all minor roads and villages between point A and B taking in anywhere within 10 miles either side of the line.

DSCN1825aAh yes another stop for coffee, I have no idea where, perhaps I can get a copy of the route.

A Great day was had, but for a tumble by Sandra twenty minutes from home.

So Thanks go to Andy and Paul for arranging and leading the run.

Sandra hope you are well and recovered.