Lincolnshire the other way

What seems to becoming an annual event, the ride around the boarder of Lincolnshire gained a rider list of eight club members to start, but as also seems to be the case we have less at the finish. This year saw the rain start as we set off along John Adams Way, and stay with us until just before our lunch stop at Susworth. This year we headed clockwise, taking in the southern boundary first during which the rain was persistant, making our first stop at the OK diner at South Witham, where we left the staff with a health and safety problem, puddles on the floor, no not that kind, water from our waterproofs, bless them they took it all in their stride. Breakfast taken care of, we set off reluctantly as it was now slinging it down, so much so that our first leaver, decided that not being able to see very well meant that he could not continue, so he headed home. The rain stayed with us until just before the Lunch stop at Susworth. The bikes were draped in wet wet weather gear whilst we had a bit of lunch, it was at this point that Mark informed us that a date with a collar and tie oh, and his lady meant that he was leaving the run also. This resulted in s serious amount of chelp being heaped upon him. Soon after leaving the lunch stop, Paul discovered that his BMW was bitching about insufficient air in the back tyre, If I recall correctly he was down to about twenty psi by the time we found some where to replace the lost air. By the time we got round to Skegness we were all dried out and ready for ice cream and do-nuts having enjoyed some of the better roads of the trip, but being aware that the worst was yet to come. And it was, the last seven miles had some of the muckiest and wettest roads we rode, the local council can be proud, I ended the run with wet feet again. Would I do it another time? You know I might just.