March 2015

“Dear Andy, you may well recall that towards the end of last year I might have spoken to you about the possibility of forming a new motorcycle club in the Boston area. Well, hopefully, this could now take place.”

So started a letter from Dave Rogers, motorcycle copper and instructor, sent to me and umpteen other bikers in and around Boston at the start of 1990. The first meeting was held on Tuesday 13th February 1990 at the Wyberton Sports and Social Club and attracted nearly 40 riders. And, as they so often say, the rest is history. Five of that original group are still members of the club: namely Paul and Sandra Taylor, Dave Goodger, Ray Gostlow and me.  In February we held a bangers and mash supper to celebrate those 25 years. It was a special occasion in the presence of people who I am pleased to call my friends. It was good to talk of the club’s past activities but I forgot one important thing, and this friends and fellow club members, I ask you to do now. Please raise a real or metaphorical glass to absent friends. Thankfully those who are no longer with us are but just a few, nevertheless a few we would rather have with us. Cheers chaps!

If I remember I will try to include a few stories of our past escapades in future newsletters (if I can do so without causing embarrassment. Thinking about it, that might be difficult………..).

What’s Gone

Our AGM was well supported and we have a full team on the Committee with David Simpson re-elected as Chairman.  You will notice a change in name at the top of this page as well. It was agreed that from now on we will be known as Boston Motorcycle Riders as regards products and promotional matters (although we are at present keeping the Association bit in respect to the legal side of things i.e. bank account, PLI, etc). A list of Committee members will be issued to all renewing members along with a goody bag with lots of stuff from Bikesure, the only company to send me anything after I contacted numerous bike manufacturers, tyre manufacturers and other suppliers to the biking world (miserable gits the lot of ‘em – all I was asking for was the sort of promotional giveaways they have at shows!).

There were a couple of event non-starters this month, both due to unforeseen circumstances. David S couldn’t make it to the “Get Yer Pics Out!” night and a break down (mechanical not of the “I just can’t take anymore” variety meant the competition “equipment” didn’t get to the meeting. No worries, we can fit them in to the next 25 years of the club. Springfields came and went with its usual whimper but we signed up some new members and promoted the Bike Night. Mark’s talk about the testing regime was interesting and just makes me thankful I have a full licence. I didn’t get to the bottom of what licence is required for a motorcycle lawn mower though?

And so to the start of our riding year……….