May 2014

May 2014


THING 1 – if you haven’t renewed your membership this will be your last newsletter. You can rejoin at the Hammer and Pincers first Tuesday of the month, on most rides out or even download a form from our website and post it.

THING 2 – details for rides out in MAY have changed from the previous newsletter.

What’s Gone

We’ve had really good support for the Tuesday rides out so far this year, and long may it continue. The run to the OK Diner nearly ended up with venison on the menu by all accounts when a deer ran out in front of one of the group.  Dave led us down some interesting back roads to the Wishing Well at Dyke, some we have never been on before, which makes for a real change. He uses a bit of software to plan his routes. I think it’s called Grinder. There should be a programme called Grounder – one that identifies the worst roads. On the run to the Blue Bell Inn (which does excellent food and even has its own micro brewery producing some rather tasty beers) we encountered a diversion that took us down a road that was a small version of a big dipper and had some of us standing on the pegs over the bumps. The road was covered in marks where cars had grounded their sumps on the bumps. Not good.

I was too late up to join the ride to the Mablethorpe Bike Show so joined in with a MAG ride that was also going there. Good ride, crap show! I didn’t see any of the rest of you when I was there so I’m guessing you soon went off for a ride elsewhere. A couple of blokes at the show had ridden 150 miles to be there. Somehow I don’t think they will be repeating the journey next year.

I think Paul will probably win the Longest Tuesday Ride Out award, leading us over 69 miles of Lincolnshire’s finest roads. And no, that is not a challenge for even longer rides – that was more than enough, thank you very much. Some lousy pillock had spilt diesel on a stretch from Bucknall to Stixwold, which steadied things up on the bends, and it just started to drizzle as we entered the last mile or so, but for the majority of the ride the conditions were spot on.

BOSTON BIKE NIGHT – volunteers still needed – Contact Dave S