May 2015

It’s been cold but fine for all but one ride so far. The OK Diner was rained off by fierce downpours and gales. I ventured on to Bargate End only just missing Mark Wood, the only other pillock hardy biker to venture out on such a rough night, by a couple of minutes. So there I was, all booted and suited in my best foul weather gear so I though ‘why not?’ and did about 50 miles on my own down bone dry roads in some instances and through some foul squally downpours in others, dodging fallen branches and flying debris.

Easter saw a run to Krazy Horse in Bury St Edmunds. It was a last minute thing organised at the club night as a few folks were on holiday. I’ll let Ricardo tell you the rest…… The sun was shining and a group of the BMR had met up at the Hammer for a run out to a Mecca of customised motorcycles known as Krazy Horse. The run out was led by Andy, who used the old school navigation method of a scrap of paper taped to his arm, an excellent run. On arrival at Krazy Horse I was in full drool mode, it was akin to being in an art gallery, oh to be a lottery winner, I should have at least one piece of art work for the lounge. I mean you would, wouldn’t you? An Ekerslike what else…..or maybe……..Ah well I’ll just have to keep doing the lottery and dreaming. Still the breakfast was affordable and worth it so we retired to the café for breakfast, tea, coffee and so on. After some more drooling we headed homeward, led by Paul using modern tech, a Sat Nav that I can only assume he spent a fair amount of time programming or it has a function to find all minor roads and villages between point A and B taking in anywhere within 10 miles either side of the line. Ah yes another stop for coffee, I have no idea where, perhaps I can get a copy of the route. A great day was had, so thanks go to Andy and Paul for arranging and leading the run.

My thanks also to Ricardo for the following ride out reviews.

A beautiful evening was greeted by 14 people, if I counted right, for a run to Woody’s Bar in Ancaster. The run was led by Mark, whose route was to be messed up by road works, but there was still an excellent choice of roads. It was the first time I have been to Ancaster via  Corby Glen. New roads and villages, no mean feat considering we were in the area I grew up in.  We arrived at Woody’s Bar around 9-ish and the kitchen was closed, so no chips, but there was some very decent beer and cider. All in all a good evening was had. Thank you Mark for leading us a merry dance, most enjoyable. A beautiful evening and yet another great turn out for my run to yet another Red Lion (Mumby in this instance), I am not sure how many Red Lion Pubs there are in the local area, but my plan is to visit as many as possible. As always we try to find some new routes, but as is the case when you do this for a few years some people have covered just about all the local roads; still a gentle amble along one or two of the lesser used byways was had. I am assured, though I didn’t notice, there was some dirt and other stuff in the centre of a few of the roads. A quick stop for a snap shot on top of a hill in the Wolds, the Blue Stone Heath road for those who are interested, a pleasant  bit of road when you are out on a bike.

Great ride out on Sunday 26th April (another club night, last minute thing) in typical Dave Goodger fashion, by-roads, gravel and grass down the centre of many, got caught up in a cycle race (they even moved the  temporary road closure signs for us), then a little off-roading, ending up at Launde Abbey, a Christian retreat for coffee and cake! Ride back in similar fashion but with fewer cyclists to the Iron Horse Ranch at Market Deeping, and finally back to Boston.  A great day out, good riding, good company, good weather and some great scenery! The weather was with us again and a couple of new faces joined us for the run to the Blue Bell at Waplode St Catherine. It should be noted that this is a place well worth a visit, not only because it has its own micro brewery, but they also serve excellent food. The run this evening was led by Andy, who it has to be said found roads that rivalled last years in their bumpiness. He also managed to recover from a closed road in his planned route without a map or sat-nav. Well done that man. Finally we arrived slightly shaken though not stirred at the Blue Bell whereupon we sampled the food in a couple of cases and the local brew in most.