May 2016

A month has gone by, tempus fugit as is often misquoted and is here, if you want to know it should be “fugit inreparabile tempus”, god bless Virgil. You didn’t did you. Time flies.

So what has been notable this month, our politicians have been ramping up the propaganda in the lead up to the E.U. referendum, even Barak Obahma has had something to say on the subject, chalk one up for the out campaign, yes I know, he was supporting the in campaign, but when an American president thinks he has the right…. hang on here I’m getting on my soap box, enough, Oh did you notice there are another lot of ballot papers going around? Enough I said.

Did you renew your membership? Of course you did, especially if you are reading this in either paper form or email, as only members will receive this missive, so pat yourself on the back and if you know someone who hasn’t give them a prod, point the in the correct direction. We have currently 33 paid up members.

Dave Rogers funeral had an escort of around a dozen bikes, I understand that the family was pleased to see the turn out. RIP Dave.

Coming up we have 2 events in our calender for July that require lots of manpower, so if you are available on the 2nd or 7th of July please contact one of the committee members

The National Rally check point on the 2nd July is a 24 hour undertaking arranged by PaulT that takes place at the Railway Cafe in Langrick where we log the passage of bikes and riders taking part in the Rally. Anyone is welcome especially if they can bring a diversion to amuse the guys manning the checkpoint, we even let you man the check point, it isn’t difficult, even I have done it.

Boston Bike Night on the 7th July is the gem in our calender, over 2,000 bikes show up for a 4 to 5 hour event on this Thursday evening, we take over the centre of the town, close a few roads, and and provide the means for a lot of people to have a great evening, this takes a lot of effort and needs the support of a large number of guys and girls to marshal the bikes and assist the large number of bikers and non biking public that attend. We need all the help we can get,your help, so come and be a steward, bring a friend, the wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, neighbour, in fact anyone who is willing to help. Contact one of the organising committee if you can assist. They are Dave Simpson, Paul Taylor, Dave Tuley, Alan Thompson and myself Richard White.


The past months rides out.

OK Diner by Andy

Woody’s Bar by Mark

Hammer and Pincers

Red Lion

Six Counties by Dave G