November 2017

From the editor

Christmas is on the way, are we all excited? Yes, no, what does it mean to you?

Well for me, another jumper, pair of socks, a meal with friends, perhaps even the occasional surprise. Mostly because I am in my 6th decade, it’s memories of years gone by, as a child receiving a transistor radio, a bicycle, waking at some ungodly hour much to the chagrin of my parents who had probably just managed to get to bed, along with my sisters demolishing the pile of gifts under the tree and creating chaos in the living room, paper and boxes all over the place, scoffing an inordinate amount of chocolate. Later it was shopping in towns crowded with other shoppers all looking for that special present for a friend or family member, that special something which often ended up being a jumper or socks. Too much to drink and eat getting up late and hoping that no one showed up until after midday. So as I said, for me, it’s mostly a day to reflect.

There is of course another side to Christmas, the religious one, the one that brought about the holiday festivities. Like the shops the Church has a bumper time, as some people will get all religious and go to church, possibly for the only time in the year. Like me I suspect that most of the population are lapsed Christians, brought up as Christians but have never practised the faith, possibly even not sure of it. Just as an aside, did you know a third of the world population is apparently Christian, followed by 22% followers of Islam, 15% Hindus and the remaining religions make up the remaining 30% of the population.

This part of the year also means I spend a lot of time cleaning my bike, now if you have a way to do this that is quick and effective, other than not using it, I’d love to have your solutions.

Coming events

Christmas Dinner

This is on the 15th December please ensure that you let Sandra know that you are attending along with your menu choices by the 1st December, a menu can be found at the end of this newsletter.

Toy Run

The toy run is on the 17th December it includes as in previous years a collection for the Boston women’s refuge. There will be as always breakfast at the Hammer and Pincers before a run through the town stopping at the Market place ending at the Pilgrim Hospital.

Presents for the children should be labelled with age and boy or girl if appropriate. We need to have some idea of numbers for the breakfast, so if you are intent on breakfast let Sandra or Paul or myself know.


Although it is early to be thinking of it the AGM is not really that far away, perhaps it is time that you stood for the committee, maybe you have some questions for the club that you would like answered, items for the agenda even, let one of the committee know.

Wednesday Rides

It was suggested at the recent committee meeting that there may be interest in weekday rides out, Wednesdays were suggested, so further this if you are at a loose end on a Wednesday show up at the Hammer and Pincers at 11:00 you may find someone else there where upon you can choose where to go or not as the case may be. Over to you.