What’s Gone

So this is the time of year when I’m struggling for copy for the newsletter. Other than a rather good quiz organised by Dave and Gail Tuley (won by me and The Present Mrs Carrott), things are a bit quiet. There’s usually a good turnout at club nights with the debate recently turning to how we mange the rides out, or more precisely how do we stop the group from splitting up. The general concensus was that the basic rules are sufficient if everyone follows them. I’ll not bore you with it now, but when we start regular rides out next year you will all get a reminder.

Mud on the Roads – former BMRA member and local Councillor Bob McAuley has recently been featured in the local press having teamed up with the local Police and Highways officers to promote reporting of dangerous occurrences of mud on the road. We’ve all seen it, and to an extent accept that it’s part of living in a rural area, but sometimes it’s a potential killer, especially for those of us on two wheels. So if you come across something that seems more field than road please report it, you might prevent an accident. Please ring 101 or if it is a real mess (for instance on a bend) dial 999.

And now a word from our Chairman………

Boston Bike Night
Following on from an Event Training course attended by two of our Bike Night committee at the Nettleham Police HQ, the inaugural meeting of the Committee was held to discuss the implications raised. The main hurdle to overcome is the need for club members to volunteer to be stewards and to attend the briefing required beforehand. We can no longer depend on stewards turning up on the night. An alternative is to hire in professional stewards, just 10 of which will cost the club some £760. Failure to do either of those will mean that the Bike Night can no longer be run in its present format. Another alternative is to divorce it from the BMRA, and have it self-supporting under an independent committee, financially independent (with a knock on reduction in club income).

So there you have it ladies and gents. We need members to commit to being stewards who are prepared to arrive at the event in good time to undergo a briefing beforehand. Nothing complicated, just explaining who, what, where, and when. Please contact Dave Simpson BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

And more from or rather for the Chairman. He needs your pictures to update club publicity materials. So email him pictures of BMRA events or rides out or even just good bike pics (alternatively put them on a disc and bring them to a club night).

And yet more……our Chairman intends to stand down at our AGM in February. Will someone else please stand up!!!

This year’s Toy Run will include another collection for Boston’s Womens Refuge and also a run to the Pilgrim Hospital. So we want toys for the hospital and toiletries, clothes, underwear, and toys for the women’s refuge and you get a sense of fulfilment and a ride on your bike (and breakfast at the pub but you have to pay for that bit).

National Youth Bike – the Boston team are still desperate for premises. Please contact Chris on 07799 772138.