What’s Gone

I appear to have turned bi (that’s monthly, don’t know what you might be thinking). You’ve not missed a thing other than a last minute ride out one Sunday. That did generate a bit of discussion as to how to communicate with members when these sort of things crop up. I don’t like to rub it in but it was a very interesting visit to a small 2nd WW USAAF base in Suffolk. The museum itself was nothing spectacular (though the homemade cakes and pies were excellent, and cheap – Mick paid less for his whole dinner than he did for a coffee in a cafe later on) but the “shed” down the farm track just round the corner was quite something – two Mustangs, a Harvard trainer, Auster spotter plain, private airfield, exhibits and a gleaming hanger. No advertising it was open, no entry fee, just turn up and wander about.

In light of the inability to let everyone know we were going our illustrious Chairman sends you this message. Please stand up and salute before reading………

Club Progress – Rides Out

As we draw to the end of another successful ride out season, I have to say it’s been very satisfying to see the increase in popularity of the weekend rides out, especially as it was only a few years ago I was told they would never happen! Not so successful were the proposed midweek rides out for shift workers, those on holiday and the retired, with only the one Rutland run and Richard’s attempts in the rain! The main problem is, of course, communication, and informing others of the proposed ride, which can sometimes be at short notice. The Face Book page has been very successful, both for advertising events and rides out, and publishing the ride out reports and photo albums, this really has to be the easiest method of all, it’s a shame that more club members don’t use it, we have 229 people liking the page, but few club members!

The club website has been revamped by Richard White, and now works very well, although it hasn’t been used by any club members for some months, some have complained that they have difficulty with passwords and access; all I can say is, contact Richard and he will sort it!! The calendar on the website can be accessed without the need for a password, one option would be to remove the password requirement to gain access to the forum, so that anyone can post or read it, this can be moderated by administrators who could remove any posts we didn’t like.

An alternative method would be for all those who were interested in midweek and weekend ride outs to make their phone and emails available to the others so that they can be contacted by email, phone or text as appropriate; this can be particularly effective for short notice rides.

I would be extremely interested to hear from anyone who would like to comment or put forward their own views.

Regards David.

Right you can sit down again now. So at renewals time next year we will, subject to your agreement, harvest your email and mobile contact details, and those that wish to be communicated with will be able to email or text everyone else when they plan a ride out not on the newsletter.

National Youth Bike – the Boston team are desperate for premises. Anybody out there got, or know of, a suitable building (with a bog) they could have as a workshop? I don’t know if they specifically need a bog, but I think it would be an asset! Please let us know.

There has been rather lot done since the last newsletter. A well supported Sunday Rutland Run, Another Red Lion Run (also well supported but a bit dis-jointed – something we intend to address – see events below), the Ebrington Arms (well supported – I see a trend developing here), the Hunstanton and Wells Run (need I say it?), The OK Diner (and again). We did find an excellent chippy in Skeg and despite the drizzle the run was er….well supported as indeed was the free BBQ. Only 4 folks did the Round Robin Run (hurray, I can write something else) which was a bit shit, but then riding in the dark is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well that’s a bit of a rush through the runs, as it were, but here we are with the start of our winter programme. If you have any good ideas, no scratch the good, any ideas of what we could do over winter, please speak up.