Peacock at Peterborough 23 June 2015

The weather these days dare I say has been excellent for our rides out.  Today we started with 7 or 8 bikes, we lost one on route, a rider who has come back to motorcycling, not sure yet why we lost him but doubtless I shall find out hopefully we see him again.

Our ride leader was Caz who had a pillion, his wife Jane, led an interesting route, which I understand was planned on his satnav, which apparently decided to loose the information after the first turn. Well recovered sir, the route, off the cuff so to speak,  took in a lot of excellent roads that were new to me, and I am not sure but did we cross the A1 twice? perhaps.

Interestingly not only did the technology let our leader down, it let me down as well, I have been recording our routes on my phone, but this day the result was one and a half hours of recording with no information, hmmm, also my cameras images left a lot to be desired so unfortunately no pics with this post. Also I haven’t a clue where we went.

A great ride thoroughly enjoyed, but if I am to be honest I have to say not the best of destinations.