Regularity Trial

Eleven members turned up for the annual regularity trial. This event is usually organized by Caz, who wasn’t available so Dave Tuley stepped in.

Riders are timed over a predetermined course and have to average a set speed over the distance.

The course consisted of turning left out of the Hammer and Pincers taking the second exit from the roundabout and then immediately right onto Old Hammond Beck Rd, left onto Fen Rd, next right onto Silvertoft Lane, right again onto Holmes Lane to the Four Cross Roads, then right to return to the Hammer and Pincers via the A52. Dave Tuley rode the route and set the standard time which equated to an average of 32 mph.

Eight riders then tried to ride the same route as close to the 32mph average as they could.

One rider who shall remain nameless managed to go via Kirton End! Everyone else managed to follow the route and were timed out and back in at the Hammer and Pincers by Dave Tuley who then worked out the average speeds.

Most riders were very close, ranging from 28 to 33 mph, Mick Andrews forgot the “it’s not a race” rule and managed to average 43.2 mph!

The final result was so close many decimal places were required to split second and first. Kev Copeland was within 2 seconds of standard time but was pipped to the post by Glen Taylor who was within 1 second. Well done Glen!

Dave Tuley