September 2015

What’s Gone

Where did September go? It came and went without a new newsletter for a start but the August issue covered all dates in September so you missed nothing.

So what else……well I can sum up Horncastle Bike Night easily – horrendous! Lousy foul weather deterred all but the most (fool)hardy riders from attending, so no surprise that it was a pretty dismal affair. The Six Bells @ Witham on the Hill attracted Gertrude (!) accompanied by Ricado and a handful of others on another grim evening that cleared up quite nicely, but left gravel washed onto some roads (oh joy of joys). Dave T had Googled the pub only to discover it now looked a bit posh so they decided to go elsewhere only to get messed up by roadworks directing them past said Six Bells! So into the pub they went to be met by what Ricado described as a “comely young wench”.

Paul led a small group to Skegness for a fish and chip supper. The run was conducted at a fair lick in what Ricado described as mizzel (I’m not sure that’s a genuine Met office term). Good service and food was received at the Seaview (by name only) chippy.

From the middle of September onwards it’s too dark by early evening to have a decent ride so the last run was a ride to the Hammer and Pincers. That’s not far you say. It is if you go via Antons Gowt, Langrick Bridge, Hubberts Bridge, Swineshead, Wigtoft, Kirton and Kirton End on mostly B class roads, the odd bit of A road, and of course the obligatory unclassified strewn with gravel! Everyone arrived safe and sound at the Hammer & Pincers, the ride only lasted 45 mins but it was properly dark towards the end. Roll on next spring!

(Thanks to Ricado and Dave for some of the text for this newsletter)

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