September 2016

From the Editor

So, it is only a short while since the last newsletter was sent out, as yours truly is due to go on his summer holiday with the good lady, I thought that I’d better get this month’s missive sent out pronto.

Brexit, what does it matter, especially to you the motorcyclist? I have heard and read loads of conflicting views, but at the end of the day I doubt that leaving the EU or indeed staying will make a blind bit of difference. My thinking is this, if as we will I hope we leave, then the regulations regarding motorcycling will be in the hands of our government, but given our proximity to Europe our bikes will share the same standards as those in Europe, Kawasaki is not going to make a special bike for the UK. Licensing and tests could change but again I doubt it, as standardisation of testing and licences would make it easier to have acceptance of our licence and thus drive across borders. What are your thoughts?

With the coming inclement weather my mind turns to the gear that I wear when the weather turns nasty, what is it that I require of my kit, waterproof and warm, it doesnt need to look pretty as long as it is waterproof and warm. Not so difficult you might think, but I have yet to find gloves or trousers that fit the bill. I have a Spada camo jacket, and some TCX boots both of which I have confidence in. The only way I can keep my legs and nether regions dry is to use cheap over trousers, as for my hands I just take two or three pairs with me as I cannot seem to find good ones. Strange that most of the gear that I have tried is claimed by the manufacturers to be waterproof, unfortunately, me getting wet, is apparently not a failing in their product, Hmmm. So what have you found that works, or do you just stay home when it rains?

Ride Out of the Year O.K. girls and boys, which of the many rides out that you attended did you consider to be the best and why? Your answers will likely impact the type of rides that we try to arrange for next year. Of course you can always lead a ride your self, you do not have to be a committee member to lead a ride. We can always use new ideas for places to go, not just on a Tuesday evening but during the week for those of us who are retired or have a day off or even at the weekend.

Winter means that we do not have rides out on a Tuesday evening, but we meet up in the Hammer and Pincers for a chat, drink or on occasion to take part in some minor tom foolery, a quiz, a talk on drainage, or other things suitable to do in a pub. So if you have an idea of some thing that might interest, educate or amuse a few bikers, don’t keep it to your self let us know, better yet come and show us.