Six Bells @ Witham on the Hill 25 August 2015

It were a drizzly evening when I dragged Gertrude out of the garage, as always she started straight away and without grumbling about the weather which to be honest was grimy and grey. My neighbour Phil and I made a quick stop at the filling station and then to the Bargate car park to see if any others were daft enough to be out on this grey evening.

We stood around for a few minutes discussing where we would go if we were the only two to show, I thought that I could try out the run for next week if we were the only people here this evening. After a few more minutes our run leader showed up, DaveT, who proceeded to tell us that on looking on the internet the newly revamped Six Bells was looking a bit posh for us plebeians in our bike gear, ” You have to book a table before arriving to eat” he told us. So a decision was made to divert to the Wishing Well at Dyke, as most of the route would still be OK.

Two more hardy souls showed up and off we set, led by DaveT followed by Oleg, myself, Phil and bringing up the tail Mark.

The ride was very pleasant as the weather fined up, it stayed cloudy but was dry, the roads were damp but mostly clear, apart from a few places where the fields had drained across a road leaving behind a patch of sand and gravel, why always on a corner I ask? Caz will tell of the effect this has on your bike and self if you are unlucky. All was going well until we came across some road works, we could see the other end, and a clear route through, but, “no mate, elf and safety” so back we went to find an alternate route. That route took us through Witham on the Hill, and as it was pushing nine of the clock we stopped at the posh Six Bells, where we were welcomed by a comely young wench even in our bike gear. The beer was sampled, quite some bo!!ocks was spoken, and a pleasant hour or so was passed.

The ride home was very pleasant, clear roads, cloudy sky but warm, what more can you ask? all in all a pleasant way to spend an evening.