Sunday Ride Out To Goole Bike Show

Last Sunday was the first weekend ride out of the year, brilliant sunny day, very warm, and only 5 bikes turned out, Paul & Sandra, Mick & Shirley, newbie Mike, and myself!  Where was everyone else? This was my first club ride out on the Tiger800, so I was a bit apprehensive knowing my every move would be noted,  we set off at a steady pace to Woodhall Spa, Metheringham, Harmston, Newton-on-Trent, across the toll bridge then up the A161 to Goole. A good steady ride in bright sunshine, the group kept together well, only blip being Paul thought I should have chased after a bunch of sports bikes who overtook us!

At Goole, the place was packed, just managed to find parking spaces inside, and then met Marco, Dave G and Mick Andrews who had gone independently. A great show of bikes, some nice classics as shown in the pics.

On the return trip, we decided to go down the A161 to the M180, go across to the end at Barnetby and stop in the cafe, which had been transformed by the new owners since my last visit. I asked Paul if he would like to lead the rest of the way (I’d forgotten where the turn off was past the airport!) so we set off at a somewhat brisker pace, eventually arriving at Horncastle together, where we split with Paul, Sandra, and Mick and Shirley going through the deer park, whilst Mick and I carried on to Coningsby.  My fuel warning light came on just as we were paying the end of the airfield, so keeping an eye on that I missed Mick shooting off, arrived home at about 5.30 having refuelled!

All in all a great day out with great people and wonderful weather!