The Fox and Hounds at Old Somerby

A very good turn out for the run to The Fox & Hounds at Old Somerby. Eight regulars plus a new rider ———– on an immaculate Triumph Speed Triple with trick (noisy but nice) exhaust. The meeting place was the Hammer and Pincers as the committee had decreed all events now start there (unless stated otherwise) as far as we know no one turned up at The Green/Wide Bargate by mistake!

The run was plotted by Dave Tuley and had a fair mix of roads, A, B and unclassified some with a little sprinkling of gravel here and there and a ford. None of this phased anyone and the pace was fairy brisk, especially the final section from Corby Glen to the pub.

The route took the group via Donington, Horbling, Pointon, Kirby Underwood, Edenham, Toft, Witham on the Hill, Little Bytham, Swinstead, Corby Glen, and Bitchfield arriving at Old Somerby just before the light began to fade.

Most people opted for the simplest return route up to the A52, the Old Somerby road joins it at the roundabout above Grantham near the HGV Testing Station.

The weather kept fine if a little chilly after the sun went down, but a good time was had by all.