The Splash 4 August 2015

The evening was cloudy but warm, the destination was  ‘The Splash’, a pub named because of its proximity to a ford, at Little Cawthorpe near Louth.
 12 members left Boston via the A16 on a wide range of bikes – modern and old, including a 600 BMW of 1974 vintage, a 350 Morini and an early 500 four Honda. Turning off the main road at Stickford the route then wound its way through Old Bolingbroke, Mavis Enderby, Brinkhill, South Ormsby, and South Thoresby. The back roads were deserted and not a single car had to be overtaken on what was a very pleasant run until disaster struck!
After passing the delightfully named hamlet of Belleau we were less than a few miles from our destination when a tight left hand bend was encountered with a large patch of gravel, which was only visible at the very last moment. It was a choice of running through it and hoping or a violent swerve to avoid it. Unfortunately it caught out our current treasurer and founder member Caz who no doubt was horrified to see his beloved sliding down the road in front of him (no not Jane, the 350 Morini)!
Although not badly injured Caz was in no state to carry on and Paul Taylor volunteered to take him to hospital.
The rest of the group moved on to the pub, they organised a van to come to rescue the Morini, and had a pint while reflecting on the evenings dramatic events.
Look out for an update on the health of rider and machine!