Wolds Bender 16 June 2015

A pleasant evening greeted the participants of the club’s Wolds Bender Run, this run takes in what are considered by many club members to be some of the best biking roads locally.


Certainly they are twisty, technically challenging and absolutely great fun, I spent most of the ride with a stupid grin on my face, good job it was hidden in my helmet otherwise they would be coming for me in their white coats.

bender1 bender2 bender3 bender4 bender6 bender7 bender8 bender9 bender10 bender11 bender12 bender13 bender14 bender15 bender16

82 bends I am reliably assured, I wasn’t counting…

So where are these roads, there is a gpx file for those who can use them, but they are Revesby to Horncastle through the deer park, Horncastle to Bardney via Horsington and Bucknall, Bardney to Wragby, Wragby to Market Rasen, Market Rasen towards Binbrook until you get to the Caister High Street then head to Horncastle along the High Street, finally Horncastle through the deer park the other way finishing at the Red Lion in Revesby. It should be noted that our leader for the evening was up to the final leg the epitome of restraint, but he just lost it and showed his racing heritage by leaving us all standing, well me anyway.

Among the best roads in the county if not the country.

Thank you Dave T