Woody’s Bar run

It feels like it’s been a long wet winter! Our first ride out of 2016 was the previous week, with Andy Carrott leading us to the OK Diner. Week 2 was my turn to lead, to Woody’s Bar, Ancaster. I planned the same ‘planned’ route as last year. Hopefully this year would not divert us onto the A1 as it did in 2015, due to roadworks and road closures! I was a little concerned that my route would be too similar to Caz’s ride the week previous. But when comparing the routes, they were actually about 75% different. 

The weather had not been good earlier in the day, so I wasn’t expecting a good turn out this evening. When I arrived at Wide Bargate, there was about a dozen eager riders waiting for me. There were some new faces too, which is always good to see. On the way to Boston, my sat nav/mobile phone had been upset by a number of missed calls and messages! One of those being Dave Tuley, who after a seemingly lengthy phone discussion managed to arrange a meeting point in Folkingham. The other mystery caller was Paul Taylor, who just caught us as we left Wide Bargate.

Once underway, and out along the A52, we turned off towards Horbling. We enjoyed some nice, fairly twisty B-roads, picking up Dave Tuley along the way. From Lenton to Irnham I managed to find some good (?) narrow gravel covered roads with some grass growing up the middle (I must get myself an adventure bike!) On the way from Corby Glen to Grantham we took some nice flowing roads along the B1176. From Grantham to Ancaster it was a long straight road, along the High Dyke. I did have a little more potentially interesting roads up my sleeve, but was mindful of our greedier members, and the kitchen closing at 8:30pm!

We got to our destination at Woody’s Bar safely about 8:20pm. I was ‘told off’ on arrival for not listening to my phone messages by Mr Taylor! We’d ‘nearly’ gone without him! It reminded of the time I was ‘nearly’ scalded by someone bumping into me, and spilling piping hot coffee all over my hand! So not a bad night, good weather, a varied selection of different roads, some that a few members had not ridden before. I’m now looking forward to my next ride to the Dolphin Fish and Chips Restaurant, Sutton on Sea!